“You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible.”

Hello Little Misses and Mr Men,

The week is over! Let’s rock!!

The Mumtrix has you

Did you catch the IT Crowd when it was on? I rather enjoyed it. I wonder if they’ll be another series? Anyhoo, there’s an episode where Roy picks up the phone, dumps it on a speaker and flicks on a tape. While the person on the other end prattles on, the tape repeats soothing noises (uh-huh, yeah, right, really?) before cluminating in suggesting a reboot.

So why am I sharing this little peak into the world of IT? (Ed: ‘Cos your paid by the word?) Well, it’s because telephone conversations with my Mum (God bless her) are very much like that. Take today for example, she rings up say hello and before I can ask her if she’s okay and what she’s been up to (caring son that I am), we’re off into a stream of consciousness aural bombardment where she recounts what The Family have been up to for the past week. At one point I realise I’ve not said anything for about five minutes: no grunts, humming or ‘yeahs’. So, up from the depth’s of memory comes the IT Crowd tape sketch. After she’s had her say, communication becomes a bit more bi-directional and we get to talk: which was nice.

Flat Out

I’ve been laid out in bed for most of this week. But, I’m back at work and I came back to an empty office. It was like a chainsaw consultant had been around and worked his magic. Spooky. It seems everyone’s suffering with it.

I tell you what tho, boy does it feel good to be over it! It’s great just to walk down the street and feel ‘normal’; zoom through the traffic on my bike or be able to enjoy reading bed-time stories once again (complete with silly voices). It’s a bit mad, but I enjoy that bit. I feel knackered when I come home, but once I get into the swing of it, it’s rather good. The only problem is there are some books where keeping track of the voices is a bit of a challenge! 🙂

Inaccurate Telephonic Veracity?

In the news this week, ITV was under the spotlight over the premium rate telephone lines it had been running. Just out of curosity, have any of you, dear readers, entered one of these? Personally, I’m too cynical to believe I’d get picked and perhaps – and more accurately – I’m just plain tight. 🙂 I mean charging folk to enter the compy just seems a bit… what’s the word here? Cheap. Cheap’ll do. There are still some noteable exceptions – The Gadget Show springs to mind – but they are in the minority.

Blog Surfing

I couple of things this week have caught my eye out there in blogland. Jo did a bit about personality types and let’s be honest, who doesn’t (secretly or otherwise) love this kinda sh*t? 🙂 Have a shufti here if that’s your bag.

Crossdressers and Flickr – it’s a strange arrangement (I won’t repeat Stephanie’s fine words). In some instances it’s basically like a bigger version of Roses’ photo gallery, but there are a few folk who do do more with a camera than take pictures of themselves. Hell, there are some folk on their who should be out doing photo shoots.

One stream – is that the lingo? – that caught my eye was Helena’s pictures of London. It’s funny how you can stumble into these things really, but I did spend a bit of time going through each of the pictures. They’re mostly street scenes or of monuments, but because you’re in the thick of it, they’re quite involving.

Outta Here

Business and pleasure for the next fornight, so the blogosphere will just have to beat it’s own drum while I’m gone. Some how, I know you’ll cope.

Take care and catch you later


  1. Gold. Spandau Ballet. I’m right aren’t I? LOL
    Sorry to hear you have been crook hun. 🙁 Glad to hear you are over it now though. 🙂
    The phone line thing is a bit of a scam isn’t it. They don’t just charge you to enter the compy, by the time everyone else has done phoning in, they are actually showing a profit!
    And they call it progress!

  2. Our survey said: BING! Well spotted. 🙂

    Thanks! It was only a virus, but it gave me a right kicking. Still, I’m fit as a fiddle now (what *does* that mean?) and it’s great to wake up and feel good.

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