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Howdy folks,

Sometimes writing a blog entry can be rather tricky. It’s not that I deliberate over each and every word, or look for the right hook or gag to stick in. Moreover, sometimes there’s so much going around my head that I struggle to focus on one particular image. Right now, I’m sat in a faceless hotel down south with the laptop on my knee (Ed: is that a song?) listening to Peter Kay. Now, there’s a funny man. Very sharp.

After a week with my family, I’m really missing them. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of me time every now and again, but after the week we had together, I’m feeling rather lost without them. Funny, you can’t please some folk eh? 🙂 I remember the midwife saying that worries are always worse when it turns dark. Once the sunlight kicks in again, maybe it won’t seem so bad. Strange, for all our society and technology, have we really moved on from huddling around the camp fire while our fears stalk the darkness?

Let’s move on to something a bit more jolly eh?


The holiday was excellent. Seven quality days with no mobile telephone, no Internet and very little telly. Just me, my lovely missues and our wee man. Days out to the coast, the odd museum here and there (strictly hands-on stuff, toddlers hate the stuffy ones) and the obiligatory soft-play areas. Still, with the latter if you can tune out the shouts of joy there’s chance to read the paper and sip your (non-alcholic) beverage of choice. After about two hot chocolates, I’m so Cadbury’d up, I find my self racing the wee buggers up and down the slides. Still, you’re only young twice eh?


Did any of you catch the programme on sex education last week? Out of interest, did you get any sex education while you were at school? First one to spin a line about practicals gets a slow hand-clap. 🙂

Looking back, we did the obligatory ‘how mammals reproduce’ stuff in biology and other than that, the form teacher asked us about STDs (or STIs as they’re called now) during a 20 minute form period. As it was the 80s, AIDS information was every where, so the condom message had got through to most of the lads in class. I’m not so sure that they were as glued to the set for Out on Tuesday as I was, but hey, you never know do you.

My mum buried her head in the sand over my sister and her boyfriend’s relationship. Course, the invetiable happened. She got pregnant and that was that. The argument that if you tell kids how to do it, they’ll do it more is – IMO – rubbish. They’re going to do it anyway! I’m hopeful that at least if you pass on the knowledge, some of the kids might take better precautions than they do know.

A little bit more on sexual relationships – mainstream and otherwise – might not a bad thing either. Christ, people of the same sex can marry, why can’t we discuss this in school? Hell, if it helps a few kids feel a little less alone about who they are, isn’t that a good thing?


  1. Good point Lynn

    Now that the Civil Partnerships are legal it is a logical step for other relationships to be at least discussed in the schoolroom.

    I dare say the kids probably know more than their teachers about this.
    Scene from Primary school:
    ” How did you find out about Civil Partnerships Johnny?”
    “I asked my mum, Sir. And he told me all about it.”

  2. Hi Julie,

    Well, I hope so. It’s in the news and no doubt the soaps too, so it’s not like it can be truly avoided.

    I would hope that if the teachers can discuss things, maybe we’ll have a little less playground myth.

  3. Playing the devil’s advocate, then you get the parent who doesn’t want Johnny/Joanna to know because the son/daughter is too young.

    Guess some would say there’s no right answer, but I’m on the side of honesty. Children are like sponges, they want to know and ask questions. Hey, isn’t that education? But surely that’s not what schools are there for, is it? Sorry 😉 just feeling a little playful today.

  4. Guess some would say there’s no right answer
    Maybes. Perhaps armed with the facts, the little darlings can make their own minds up. It is better to get the facts from teach rather than from More*, FHM or t’internet?

    * I remember reading my sister’s More magazine as a teenager. It was very educational! 🙂 I learned all about eyeliner and [ahem] other theory.

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