Now I’m not looking for absolution
Forgiveness for the things I do

Hello peeps,

What’s this? An early post? Something to shocking to leave until the traditional Friday upload? No, not really. To make things a little easier to digest, this week I’ll be posting the odd thing here and there to try and break up the wall of text that I normally do. With luck, there’ll be something to read, maybe even worthwhile. But, hey, this is yet another t-girl blog. I could just rattle on about shoes. Ooo, shoes! (Ed: FFS).

Sage Wisdom

Wise man says: ‘Man in light coloured trousers should run taps gently.’

Beige trousers, pink shirt. I might as well get a Angels’ tie-pin! The New Man stuff has gone too far. 🙂

Monday mornings eh? I’m with the Boom Town Rats on them personally. I was late in because I hung around at home putting the washing on (ooo, New Men eh?). Oh, and I wanted to know if a certain local chemist was flogging Dermablend. 🙂 Nuts, they weren’t. So back to Googling for that one.

Part-time Evil

After Ms Nolan’s comments about me being somewhat evil (perhaps the Diet Coke of Evil?), I thought I’d look up my namesake from He-Man: Evil-Lyn. Well, the similarities aren’t startling – other than we seem to share the same eyebrows and hair colour (!!)

Looking at the picture, she seems to be fixing something (perhaps a career in IT?). If she had a jet bike and loads of mirrors, she was probably a serial killer.

No, the server won’t be back on this afternoon. Eh? No, it’s not a microwave you nordic nonce – it’s a tape drive.

Breathe the Pressure

Later in the week is crunch time. I’ve got an exam (PRINCE2) and I’m really not looking forward to it. I am to exams what transvestism is to electability. Oh well! Better stop blogging and do some more past papers.


  1. Can I make my “The Project Management Methodology Formerly Known as PRINCE” joke now?

    No? Dammit! When is a good time? :-/

  2. Just this once: seeing as it’s you. 🙂

    Given that many government projects are late and are over budget, how come we use their project management system? :-/

  3. First time over here, and really enjoyed it..

    So you like science fiction eh? Just read Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 for the first time; what a GREAT book…

  4. Hi Minera,

    Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

    F451. Ooo, dystopia (in books, it can be a good thing). BTW, have you seen the film? I’m curious as to how the two compare.

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