‘Blood, sweat and tears really don’t matter,
Just the things that you do in this garden’

Hi folks,

How’s it going? There goes another a week…

Monday, what a drag

Despite the ropey pun, the week got off to a good start. I had a meeting out of town so rather than head straight into the office, I thought I’d try a few outfits out at home. In particular, I was wondering what I should wear on my feet for the line dancing at the next Chams meeting. Flats? Don’t own any. Heels? Could be tricky. Boots? Possibly. After a quick practice dance to Queen’s Crazy Little Thing, I decided on the shoes, not the boots.

I also tried (re-tried?) the footless tights look. Yeah, so it’s a look that’s really going to date, but what can you do? 🙂 I was quite pleased with that, so I think that’s a yes for next week too. The only skirt that wasn’t too ‘pretty’ or ‘worky’ was too big, so I made a mental note to get a new one. After all the shops had been packed with little denim number pre-Xmas. (note: astute shoppers will notice that that fact doesn’t apply to women’s fashion. Indeed, female fashion seems to move faster than a pop star seen with a line of Colombian dancing powder).

Armed with a few bob, I set off for a mosey around the shops during my lunch break. Clearly, fashions have moved on. Despite it being February, bikinis are now in the shops and New Look seemed to be packed out with shorts. They had some lovely wrap tops in tho! Shorts and bikinis, though? Just what you need for a brisk Feb morning. 🙂

Primark came to my rescue, although I felt the skirt I picked up was a bit short. I tried it on when I got home and man was it *short*. Even with leggings underneath, you’d have to be careful sitting down. I felt like one of the Cheeky Girls meets Rocky Horror. Not a good look.

Ah, well, never mind eh? Shame tho, it was a lovely colour and had just a touch of sparkle to it too (just fab!). But, I took that back after getting a new one from a charity shop. That’s on the knee, but I’m planning on cutting it shorter and fraying the edges a bit. At least I’ll be able to sit down and cross my legs without flashing my backside to the world.

From miniskirts to metal

I did consider some skinny jeans – but while what seems like every woman in her 30s seems to be wearing them tucked into knee boots, I can’t help but recall my days as a teenage thrasher where that was pretty much what I wore all the time. Black skinny jeans, obligatory heavy metal T-shirt, long hair and boots. Although to be fair, it was basketball boots, not knee boots. (God only knows I wanted some high heeled boots as a teenager!).

Talking of teenage years, I seem to mining my MP3 collection at the mo. I found myself digging out some old Metallica tunes to listen to the other day (After 3… chop your breakfast on a mirror...) Still, sometimes it’s nice to go back only so you can see how music has have changed. It makes a change from the steady diet of Girls Aloud* and other poptastic beats I seem to be bending me ears to. Hmmm…. given my love of cheesy pop and dancing, I sometimes I wonder if there’s a gay man without any sense of rhythm who listens to Coldplay and Texas? Ooops, that’ll upset the Coldplay contingent, perhaps ex-thrashers shouldn’t throw stones? 🙂

( * The eagle eyed pop divas amongst you will have noticed the large number of lyrical references as post titles in my weekly ramblings. Is it a lack of imagination, a want to display what you like or is it just that the words mean something to you? I feel a Sky News text vote coming on 😀 )

Music Please

Talking of music (coo, seamless link – I should work on TV) – did you catch the Brits earlier in the week? I must confess I really enjoyed the show and Russell Brand was a very good comparison. I wouldn’t say I was a fan, as his stuff on BBLB seemed to be more crass/shock that humour. Having said that, he was very good on Jonathan Ross late last year. On the Brits, Brand was very sharp and had me laughing quite a lot.

There were some great performances: Amy Whitehouse (what a voice!), Take That (great come back lads) and Scissor Sisters too (always OTT and in a good way). The Arctic Monkeys didn’t do a set, although they got two awards (good for them). Oasis were a bit of a let down – what has happened to the Great Unwashed One’s voice? Hell, I’m no singer, but it was nasal, shouty and flat – and those were the best bits! Perhaps that explains why I was always in the Blur camp (hmmm… camp). Britpop has it really been 10 years?

The only downer on the evening was Joss Stone’s plastic American accent. You’re from Devon – get over yourself girl. I wonder if 50 Cent will start doing a Yorkshire turn for his next album? 🙂 (Eee! Tha’s dancing t’sound of dub… Bangin int club…). Plus, that outfit? Whippet length mini-dress, big hair and high heels. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t be slating her… perhaps she’s one of us. 🙂

The Transphere Hive Mind

Over the last week or so, there’s been the proliferation of the YouTube video regarding TG kids. Anyhoo, I have watched it and –

[CTRL C] I have now realised the irony that I am blogging about it even tho I was going to make some comment about not me not wanting to recycle what other folk have written about. Pants! My train of thought has completely gone…. (Ed: Wake up, Neo!).

Where was I? Oh aye: some of it is quite moving and again, hats off to those folk out there brave enough to give something back. Rachel also wrote (on her old blog) about mentoring. I think this could be a really good idea. When you’re new to the TG thing, a lot of it can be overwhelming. The urge to dress, how to cope with the guilt and whatnot. Hell, we’ve all been there. So Rachel suggested that t-girls on the forums could put something on their profile which basically means that you can go to them with questions or for support. I don’t think that it’s a system that we’d use to encourage new girls on to the scene, moreover, it’s something we could use to help the next generation (t-generation? generation XY?) come through and find their own way after a little help. Sometimes, it’s not about advice, it’s just having someone to listen to you.


  1. Been having a few more thoughts about this “mentoring” thing. I think perhaps it’s going on quite a bit unofficially. One site I’ve noticed where this seems to happen is TV Chix. Quite a few of the profiles mention thanks to specific girls.

    I think perhaps trying to organise this sort of activity on an official basis may well remove the spontenaity (spelling?). Perhaps highlighting where people can go to take part in conversations (I’m beginning to hate that word, given the way bloggers have adopted it) may be more helpful. And let’s face it, the Internet has already done a power of good for us gurls, so let’s be grateful for that, too.

    May be I’m saying the idea has some merits, but that we’re already handling the situation as a community quite well?

    And I get the impression NC has been good for you Lynn. Sometimes I think when a gurl has spread her wings and found her independence she leaves the nest of a support group, which of course means her experience isn’t harnessed in those groups that helped her arrive at where she is now.

    I’m as guilty as the next person of this, although guilty is the wrong word. Goodness me, this is getting heavy. Think I’d better quit. 🙂

  2. Levellers quote this time yes? And I still dig out my Metallica often, my iPod on autoshuffle throws out some great combinations of songs 😉

    And I’m not sure what Joss Stone has done to her hair, not conviced that colour suits her, much as I like red hair…..

    Some people just soak up accents, I have a friend that moved to canada and now sounds born and bred there.

  3. Rachel: I agree, I think if you look hard enough then there is an unoffical network going on. As you say, it if works, why fix it? Making it formal – like some time of club – isn’t really going to work. Besides, there are plenty of good folk out there who are willing to listen and help if you ask. We all had to start somewhere and I think most of us are glad to be asked. That can be asked for help, or looking at it the other way around, asked ‘why don’t you join us?’

    When you’re part of a minority, the Internet is a wonderful thing. No longer are you at home wondering if you’re the only person who feels like this.

    I remember seeing Philip Hodgson (Hodson?) programme in the late 80s about trannies. Although realistically I knew I would not be the only person like this, to see everyday folk functioning was such an eye opener. (He also gave the owners of Transformation a bit of a slating too).

    With regards to the NC group, they have done me the power of good. I cannot stress the value of being at one with yourself nor the feeling of belonging gives you. Mr Cheerful (aka Satre) said ‘hell is other people’ – I don’t think he could be anymore wrong when it comes to community.

    While you could argue that a support group is there to help you find your feet (hint: just below the ankles), for me at least Chams has been more than that. It’s a place where you can be yourself and make friends. It’s very much like going down to your local (albeit without the beer + fags).

    There’s nothing to stop me popping down to Hockley to Nottingham’s pink district, but to be perfectly honest, I’d rather hang out with the girls.

    Joanna: Yes, well spotted. Not quite sure how MP3 players think sometimes. Long Hot Summer mixing into For Whom The Bell Tolls.

    Red hair doesn’t suit all, I think she looked better blonde. Still, it’s cool to experiment once in a while.

    As to accents, yes, I agree – being someone who also seems to collect accents – (‘ave you got a Winduz SP 2 disk?’). However, I saw an interview with her (on PopWorld I think) where the interviewer asked if she could still ‘do’ her devon accent. She flatly refused in a I’m-too-cool-for-school kinda way.

    It didn’t impress me much. 🙂

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