‘See the animal in his cage that you built / Are you sure what side you’re on?’

Hey kids…

How’s it going? Jaysus, what a week… I’m glad that’s over and it’s the weekend. Woo-hoo! Not only that but it’s Transpocalypse too. Sadly, I won’t be going this year (family commitments), but you never know do you. To those of you going, have a good time and stay safe!

Winter’s passed, spring and fall

What is it with us humans and anniversaries? On Thursday, 27th January 2006 I pulled up outside a community centre in Arnold. I grabbed my rucksack off the back seat and headed inside. I was met by a nice lady who welcomed me to the group and told me where I could get changed. Thirty or fourty minutes later I’d packed my male stuff into the bag and I was all dolled up: It was Lynn’s first time to Notts Chams. I wasn’t the only newbie there that night: Maddie and Rachel came along too (hi girls!).

So a year has passed and a lot has changed. I’m a regular visitor and as the opening bars to the Cheers’ theme state: “where everybody knows your name”, it’s cool to belong. Okay, so they don’t shout ‘Norm!’ at me when I come in, but as Tracey said the other night, it’s a lot like family. So, I guess it’s my turn to be nice to the girls brave enough to push themselves and make the journey.

What’s in a name?

Here’s a question for you: does your female name have a passing resemblance to your male name? Mary / Martin, Christine / Chris, Tonya / Tony, etc. I’m curious because there’s a few girls I know where that is the case. Is this the exception rather than the norm?

Suits you… sir

Earlier in the week I had a meeting in Derby. One of those fancy meetings where you have to dress nice and play nice for the customers. Normally I don’t wear a suit to work – shirt, tie and troos are okay – so it was a nice change to dress a bit fancier than usual. Maybe not as fancy as Thursday nights, but a break from the norm is good.

Rather than head back to the office straightaway, I had a quick wander around the shops. I had missed lunch, so a quick stroll for an hour around the town centre was very pleasant. It cleared the cobwebs away and I was somewhat amused because normally when I go to Derby, I’m en femme but today it was bloke mode. There were a couple of sales on but nothing really caught my eye.

Out on Thursday

The traffic gods were smiling when I set off to Nuthall and I was early for me. I was hoping to get there before 8pm because we were having visitors. A few folk from Nottingham City Council were attending to discuss the new Gender Equality laws that are coming in. They wanted some feedback from the TG community – that’d be us I guess – on how they could improve both as an employer and as a service to Jo(e) Public. Various ideas were put forward and I found it very interesting to hear the differing points of view. It was not a ‘moan-fest’ by any means, there were some positive comments as well as some darker stories. I hope that they (Nicky and John) got something out of it and maybe they’ll be back again. At least if we can communicate our wishes to the powers that be, maybe they’ll listen and things will be easier for the next generation.

Certainly there is an element of fear from some of Joe Public. Just what do we get up to when we meet up? Kinky sex rites, Wickerman stuff? No, I’m afraid it’s much more shocking than that. We sit around, talk and drink tea – kinda like a really butch WI [shrug] but don’t let that put you off! 🙂 It’s all about the company really…. and the insanity of a quiz night.

Talking of company, Maddie also came to visit and it was great to catch up. Maybe we should start that trans book club eh Maddie? 🙂 I hope you come on along next time!!

I also bought some new batteries for my camera, but when I got home – they were flat. Still, never mind eh. For a bit of a change, I forsook the skirt and heels option, and went for something a bit 80s. Leggings, knee boots and a blue long wrap cardigan with white t-shirt underneath. It was a nice change although I think I’ll leave the footless tights to younger girls.

Comedy Moment

Okay, vanity / curiosity finally got the better of me and I put my fizzog through MyHeritage.com’s celeb look-a-like gadget. So, the scores on the doors are:

Shirley Manson – 78%; Ashton Kutcher – 72%; Barbara Striesland – 72%; Raven Symone – 70% and Rene Russo – 68%.

Okay, so I’m some strange hybrid of a goth, toyboy, gay icon, R&B totty and a foxy movie star. After 3.. ‘With your cherry lips….’ 🙂


  1. Hi Lynn…was it really a year ago since we first went to Chameleons?!! I really must go again very soon…when are you next going? Rach x

  2. Hi Lynn

    What a difference a year makes – so many faces have passed throught he doors of ‘The Temple’ over the last year.

    Thanks for your support during the year which has been at times ‘difficult’, and hard work.

    Its worth it though!!!!

    Maddie and Rachel hope to see you again soon – why not go to the Feb meeting – Lynns doing her ‘music quiz’

    sandi and tracy

  3. Rach > Hey you! Long time no see! I think Thursday 8th Feb is the next ‘do’. Hope to see you there.

    Sandi & Tracy > Lots of folk have been and gone. Perhaps there’s a book in there (if you catch my drift). As to the ‘support’, you’re more than welcome. Thanks to you both for taking the time to keep the group going. Here’s to another good year!

  4. aaargh…would really have loved to make the 8th Feb..but the OH is on nights!! When is the next night out after that? Rach x

  5. Not wishing to be pedantic, but….
    Chams website says 8th (Lady In Red) and 22nd (Line Dancing [Yee Haahh!]) either way its soon and coming to a Community Centre near YOU!

    Was great to meet up again on Thursday guys, thanks for being there.

    See you later Renee, sorry Lynn.

  6. Hi Girls

    OOps spot the deliberate mistake its definately Thursday nights – 8th and 22nd. Forum now corrected.

    Lynns Quiz will be on 8th Feb and we will be doing Line Dancing or trying to on 22nd.


  7. One day hon I plan to crop up at Chameleons if you’ll have me 😉 I work in Nottingham from time to time (though irritatingly quite often my work is evenings). But you never know. Know Rebecca Russell a bit (we met in Manchester) and Tina Dey who used to be a regular and I hope is just about to re-emerge 🙂

  8. You’ll have to come along and decide for yourself Chrissy! No passport required, you only need that after Watford Gap. Must admit, I wouldn’t fancy riding a ‘bike down the A50 though! Hope to see you there sometime.

  9. No passport required, but if the news is to be believed, kevlar is. 🙂

    Come along by all means – the more the merrier! Just make sure you check out the dates on either the Roses or Notts Chams forums first.

  10. Just visited your Blog for the first time. Lovely stuff hun. And I really enjoyed trying the MyHeritage celebrity look alike thingie (best score was Judit Polgar [who?] at 78%).

    Would like to keep up with your news, so am taking the liberty of adding a link to yours from my Blog if that’s ok.

    Be good and stay lovely!



  11. Hi Tiff,

    Thank you for the kind words – I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be giving yours a read in a mo.

    Have a look at the blogs on the links section (if you like).

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