“And before we talk of repentance / Try walking in my shoes”

Say kids,

Another week shoots by. Almost time to rip another page off the calendar. Time flies huh?

Dancing.. with tears in my eyes

Possibly Midge Ure had been singing about dancing in heels, but I guess we’ll never know. I must confess I’m a bit of a dance junkie. I love it. There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in the moment and shaking your thang. I don’t understand folk who say “I don’t dance”. Yeah, well, neither do I really. It’s more like a organised riot of limbs, but really you’ve nothing to fear except ridicule and mild injury.

Flippancy aside, dancing is a wonderful pastime and I find myself daydreaming about dancing / singing when listening to music. Sometimes the daydream is has me in bloke mode (rock numbers mainly), but once Love Machine hits the playlist and it’s disco lights and the full en femme insanity. But, hey, it’s my headspace and it beats thinking about work.

This week on Roses there was a post asking for t-folk to audition for the Kit Kat Dolls. From what I gather, this is a trans girl band (Ed: a t-girl band?) although the poster wanted girls who could sing, dance and who didn’t look they’d come out of a panto. Now, there are some convincing t-girls out there but getting all three is going to be interesting. I mean, if X-factor has taught us anything, it’s that attractive singers who can bust a move are few and far between. Still, a girl can dream….. 🙂

Fine Malt Lyrics

Yeah, it’s a bit of a quote-fest this week around huh? Well, those of you with an eye for lyrics, will have noticed that I’ve been at it (fnarr) for a while. Interestingly, Chrisie tags her lyrics as quotes which I guess is fair. Me, I don’t bother because I don’t always do it and often, I can’t remeber who the artist was.

Anyhoo, I was in the car the other day when a track came on I hadn’t heard in a while came on. I’ve said (posted?) this before but it surprises me how a song can cut through the general noise in your head and defib your emotions (sorry about the mixed metaphor there). Sometimes it’s happy party songs, sometimes darker numbers. Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams often makes me pause to listen to it. But, I think the greatest impact is when you have a song contains a lyric that really means something to you. The Winner Takes It All hits the mark as does Jim’s Theme but both for very different reasons. In the former its the pain in the voice – especially at the end and the latter, it’s the content:

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man
They can’t break me
As long as I know who I am

So there I am, stuck in rush hour traffic singing my lungs out with tears running down my checks. [shrug] Soft bastard eh? 🙂

Out again

Next week is Notts Chams and I’m looking forward to going out again. It’ll be nice to catch up with friends (old and new). Plus, I hear there’ll be line dancing. Now, I don’t *do* organised dances (except maybe the Timewarp) so it’s going to be entertaining. I’ve got my outfit planned…and no, it’s not Dixie Chicks before you ask.  🙂

[ UPDATE ] Someone was kind enough to let me know (see comments – BTW, is that you Sandi?) that it’s not line dancing next week: it’s an Auz theme instead. Should be fun!


While having a quite pootle around Roses’ Forum I noticed a new button the tab bar: wiki.

Wikipedia – love it or hate it – has certainly made its mark on the Internet.

I’m afraid I have posted some bits in the Roses Wiki already (the ‘faking it‘ section about body shape), although the nice thing us, if folk don’t agree they can update the content. There’s a wealth of information in the forums (Angels & Roses) but the fact that the forums are so frequently updated, it can be hard to find the gems in there. I’m hopeful that the wiki will grow to be a useful resource.

[ Update ]

Blog Make-over

The move to the latest version of Blogger seems to have gone okay. I’ve had a bit of a tidy-up on the old template and added a new logo. I hope it’s readable enough. In case you are curious, the silhouette font is subeve.


  1. Hi Lynn

    Indoor BBQ this week not line dancing. Its Australia day so an Oz themed quiz is also on the cards

    Line Dancing is in February. Check the webstite for dates.

    See you Thursday

  2. Like the new look hon 🙂

    Lyrics…? Me too…songs regularly reduce me to tears, at home, in the car…usually when the words seem to say something to me, and usually my lost youth or tg struggle…

    Recent tunes that have caused me to dissolve are as diverse as:

    Inner Smile by Texas (my song and dedicated to the Angels in 2001 when I was taking my first big slowdive into depression. And then out of it thanks to them).

    Comfortably Numb (well, obviously!). And obviously the original Pink Floyd version.

    Colorblind by Counting Crows – so painful

    Even…Entangled by Genesis. Which I even posted on the Angels TS forum recently 😉

    All of these and many more have seen the (metaphorical or genuine)mascara running in rivers down the cheeks…

    Thanks for the shoulder by the way hon. Appreciate it. Tough few days.

  3. Thanks girls.

    Stephanie > Not at all inspired by the back of the Girls Aloud CD casing. 🙂

    Jo > Okay – some tunes for me to avoid /leave the room when they come on. Thanks for sharing. As to the shoulder – it’s there should you need it.

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