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I’m looking at an empty copy of Notepad at the mo; waiting for the creative juices to kick in. Sometimes looking at a word processor is just too much. I don’t know about you, but it all seems too formal. A report for work, a letter to the ‘leccy board? No problem in Word or OpenOffice! But ask me to do something like this and…bbbzztt… disnae work.

So, what’s been going off this week?

Xmas Fuddle

This week saw the last meeting for the Chams group. Rather than go for the traditional sarnies and mince pies, we went straight for the puddings. Why is it that all the bad things in life are so good? Can smack really be better than Xmas pud and a dollop of double cream? Actually, don’t answer that. Then again if it was TrainSpotting would have been a very different film. (“Choose cake. Choose a mars bar. Choose not being able to get into your new skirt and wish you’d bought industrial strength MagicKnickers.” 🙂

I wore my new red skirt, brown fishnets, biscuit coloured top and my new shoes. God, I *love* those shoes. I know it’s not right, but they’re just so darned cute! Sorry, no piccies as the camera batteries were flat, clearly I’m not a person that quite grasps the idea of digital cameras needing batteries. In my day all you had to do was point and click! But then how many of us t-girls would be brave enough to drop the film off at Boots and collect the next day? Ahhh, therein lies the rub.

Anyhoo, (back on topic) the do was pretty good we had a visit from Tina’s friend, ?????, our trans friendly make-up rep. We also had some new folk come along. (Hi Zoe and Isobell if you’re reading this). They’d certainly made the trek up to Nottm and I hope they enjoyed the night. Zoe said that she recognised my from my blog picture which gave me an ego moment. “It’s like meeting someone famous,” she quipped and we laughed about it. Is this what it’s like for the other bloggers out there? Answers on a postcard (or blogger comments) if you like.

Mum’s the word

Talking of new people coming along, I finally got around to replying to an email from a good friend of mine (Hi Maddie!) and she reminded me about the time a mother and son came along to the group. He was in his teens, so I hear and I was really impressed that his mum did that for him. As Maddie rightly said, it is not something that many people would do. If they come again, I think the conversation would be fascinating… doubley so if they do most of the talking.


Sandi had kindly brought along some little black dresses – and let’s face it, what girl (or t-girl), doesn’t want to wear a posh frock once in a while. There was this gorge number from Planet that I had the good fortune to try on. It felt great on, although my bra was showing on the shoulders and at the waterfall back. Classy… not. 🙂 So, the fool that I am, I turned it down. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of glamour, I must say I did feel a bit Shirely Bassey in it (which bit of Shirl I will not say), but when would be able to wear it? It was too nice to wear while doing the hoovering and a certainly too much for any time outside of a) cocktail party, b) trans xmas do or c) Bond film. (“Ah, Miss Jones, I’ve been expecting you”. I tell you, they must be really hard up for Bond girls ).

Outed by waving?

During the evening of chit-chat Daphne recounted the time she was on her way to the LiverSausage. I was on the other side of the street in bloke mode. I called across to her to say hi and she said that she didn’t recognise me until I waved. Clearly, I must have a very distinctive waving method (well, it amused me!). While there’s a piccy of me on the blog (which worries me a little) is not as much a give away as my wave is.

Talking of the pub, I wonder if I can wangle another night out so soon? More to the point will they have Karoke and will I be able to embarass myself and entertain others at the same time? Questions, questions.

Final Countdown

More than a cheesy rock number (which would be sooo cool to do at Karoke) but Xmas is almost upon us. Have you done all your shopping yet? After that it’s the seemingly endless wrapping to do. Still, it is worth it to see a look of joy on your friend’s / partner’s / child’s face as the open up the gift. Have you bought anything that you’re really chuffed with or is there anything you’d really like for Xmas?

BTW – just to let you know, I’m not offering to buy you owt – sorry, anything.

Take care!

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