“This is our lives on holiday”

Hello boys, girls and t-folk.

How are you all? Enjoying the slow turn of the seasons? I hope so. The perceptive among you will have noticed there was no blog entry last week. There was no major crisis, nor a holiday; it was simply that I could not think of anything to write about. (Un)luckily for you, that’s not the case this week. 🙂

As the nights draw in…

Those slowly darkening evenings and coolish tempreatures mean that it’s trans season once again. I had the good fortune to visit the Nottingham group on Thursday to see a number of friendly faces and some new girls too. Things are going well for the group and the Xmas do won’t be far away either. I must practice dancing in heels. 😉 This weeks outfit was a new wrap dress, knee boots and for a change I passed on the soft browns I normally used for my eyes and used the colours I got from the BodyShop demo a few months back. Again, no photo because I’m really disorganised. 🙂

My only slight problem was that I’d decided to apply some false nails before leaving. They stayed on all night – although I wish I’d shortened them a little – but cleaning my nails afterwards. Yipes. I had to stop off at a supermarket to get some nail glue remover before work. Luckily, we have changing rooms for those that cycle in.

So, a word of advice to young trans folk, be sure you have glue remover before thinking of false nails. Also, put them on after you’ve got everything else on. You’ll never get your tights on with nails like that. 🙂

Stealth Bigots

The other week, I was reading some news on a not to be named forum. It’s not a trans forum in case you’re thinking that. I’m something far more mundane than that. As well all know lots of forums have sections where members can post jokes, chat and generally talk off-topic. Anyhoo, one frequent poster had mentioned that he was getting married. Nothing out of the ordinary about this, until you get towards the end and you realise that it’s a same sex marriage. Fair enough and good luck to him & his partner, I thought. I – and a number of other folk – wished him all the best for the big day.

Then, from out of the blue out come the bigots: “it shouldn’t be legal” or “your lifestyle is sinful!” WTF? Who rattled your cages? Humpf. The admins shut the thread down as it was about to get a heated. I must confess that I’m disappointed by this. No, not the shutting down bit, but other people’s rude behaviour and – dare I say it – polictically incorrect views.

For sometime I’ve spoken (as much as you can via a forum) with the offenders, but it’s left a bad feeling in the air between us. Knowing what I do now about their views has made me….ack! words fail me…. have made me cold towards them. If they have views like that, I question if I’d actually like to have anything to do with these people. The irony is that maybe if we did talk about why they hated [insert minority here] so much perhaps they’d change. Perhaps I’m naive. Would they be shocked and appauled if they knew I was TG? Well, I think we all know the answer to that one dont’t we…? 🙂

Anyway, take care and have fun!


  1. yes you can, get yourself a pair of silk gloves. E.g. goto amazon and look for Moisturising-Gloves they are just right when your nails are not "up to scratch" and they can save you money in the long "runs". (puns intended somewhere in there) also wearing them and putting stocking or tights on is rather sexy as well.
    P.S. yes I know this is a bit late in the day, but I'm working through your blog. Expect comments now and then as I work forward. not sure what nails you use, the press on ones from "Broadway Impress" are easy to get off without remover and if you are very carefull reuseable ( they tend to stick together as if there magnetic or just scared , dont know)

  2. Hi. Wow, this is an old post! 🙂 If you're working your way through, you've still got a long way to go. Still, free reading material eh? 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion about the gloves and the nails. It's a bit too warm for gloves right now, but maybe when the weather's better. I've kinda passed over the false nail thing. I think they're okay for a special night out, but I've grown rather fond of painting my own nails.

  3. The gloves are only for putting on stockings ladder free! of course wearing them longer is an option. I dont know how long you keep yours. have you ever tried sending an sms with long nails? a) it takes ages and b) reading it afterwards give you the impression you were drunk at the time, a true hit and miss situation – all the write letters but not necassary in the write order (to miss quote one Eric M.)

    1. Oh, *those* type of gloves.

      No, my nails are never long. I think the longest they get is 3 – 5 mm. Just enough to give them a bit of shape and then it's back to a more typical bloke length afterwards.

      I did try typing with long nails once. I don't know how some people manage it! 🙂

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