Hi folks!

How is everyone out there in blogland? All well I trust. Phew! What a week. Feels like it’s been Monday to Friday at 80mph. It is, at least, now over. Those of you who took the time to email, my apologies for not replying sooner.

Nothing but good news to report this week. Dontcha just love that when it happens?

Evening All

Thursday night was Nottingham Chameleons and it was a just right. The day before I’d been wondering just what to wear. You know how it is. Dozens of outfits, but which one. Do you find you get stuck wearing the things you like? Your fave t-shirt, tie or, for some folk, dress and boots. After much deliberation I settled on boots, a red top and a lace-string cardy thing. I say cardy, but it’s not really for keeping you warm. Not bad for a tenner in last year’s Dorothy Perkin’s sale 🙂

It’s always nice to meet new folk as well as the regulars at Chameleons. This week I bumped into Jenny and Samantha (hi girls!). I’ve been reading at Samantha’s exploits on her web page (see the links section) for a few years now. It’s nice to hear (or read) what other people have been up to. Anyway, I eventually dropped her a line asking her to come along. So, well done Samantha for taking the plunge and to Sandi for fetching her in! 🙂

Dangerous curves ahead

Do you pad your hips or do you go as you are? I must confess, I do pad them. I have my Mum’s hollow back (she’s like the OAP J-Lo, bless her) Anyhoo, the other night, I was asked how I did it. It’s all a bit Blue Peter, but surprisingly simple.

You need four shoulder pads (I got mine from Jessops, but the Vic Centre market may have some) and some soft foam. The foam should be about 3/4″ thick and around 8″ long by 6″ wide (apologies to you metric birds out there!)

Trim the foam (not the pads!) to form a tear or kite shape. You may need to experiment a bit to get the right shape for you. If you’re feeling dexterous, you could sew them together so they don’t move about. Nothing worse than when you’re putting your jeans on and one goes up and the other down. 🙂

Put these under your tights and put the shoulder pads over the top to soften the curve. If you’re wearing thick tights they’ll hold them just fine. Alternatively you can trim the legs off some support tights (god, they’re *tight*) to hold them in place. Evans do some long line undergarments – but not knickers – that’ll help hold them. If they’re too thick for you, try some thinner foam or, if you wear Magic Knickers or similar, put them underneath and let the controlwear work its magic.


Eyeliner? Easy. But nail varnish? Not a hope! Last month I thought I’d try some false nails as way of a change. Getting them on was easy enough, but removing the glue afterwards was Challenge Annika.

Normally I stick with clear polish and now I know why. For a change, I tried a darker shade and it was all over the place. Like a car respray by Blind Pugh. Things didn’t get any better as a carrier bag took the top coat straight off. Ah well.

Note to self: follow Yvonve’s advice with the self-stick Kiss range.

A Chance Missed

Last week H. was off on business and I had access to the car. Normally, I’d jump at the chance to spend the day shopping. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. I had too much on at work and my head won over my heart. Perhaps the fates will smile later in the year….


At the end of the month H & I will have been married for 9 years. I love her dearly and, bless her, she puts up with a lot. With a little luck Mr Postman will be winging a few goodies her way.

The other aniversay? Well, I started this blog just over a year ago. My other (vanilla) blog has died a death after six months. Writer’s block killed it off. That, or I’d rather concentrate on questions and ponder on topics from less standard themes in life. Interesting – no really (!!) – this month’s Psychology magazine has an article on the merits of keeping a diary. There was no mention of blogs, but I did find a number of similiarities between a diary and this electronic thing.

When Carpark Signs Go Bad

This item gave me a chuckle. Seems someone was having a bad day in the Traffic Department.

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