Sometimes, it’s great to be a man….

In an effort to post something a bit more upbeat than the last two entries…. Oh, but before you read on, if you don’t like kids – skip on to paragraph two. 🙂

Family Guys

I’ve had a good weekend with just P. and our little lad (LL). Today was a trip to a local park and we played for ages on the swings + slides. Fun for all the family! Yesterday, he and I went shopping for P. He was good as gold all the way around the shops despite me dragging him all around town through umpteen shops. That can’t be easy when you’re nearly 3, but he braved it like a good ‘un. After three… ‘bless’ 🙂 He and I finished baking because a) it passes the time, b) he loves making a mess and c) we’re addicted to homemade cake. One day I’ll learn how to fold flower into the mixture without wearing it. He’s now tucked up safe in bed and is currently fast asleep.

Good job I had the night off!

P. had gone out to visit some friends on Saturday. I’d agreed to stay in and put LL to bed. Don’t you want to go to Leicester (Chams) tonight? P. asked. Honestly? No, not really. I went out on Thursday [shrug]. I’ll be back around 11 she replied. So at 10pm I was sat listening to music with my feet up and she came in with a bunch of mates for a cup of tea. Luckily it was 10 and not 9, because at 9 I was relaxing in the bath enjoying the very hot water and trying not to cook myself.

Relaxing en homme

P. is also out tonight (visiting her best mate) and I’m sat her in Bloke Mode drinking tea and bending my ears to The Best Industrial Grindcore Album in the World Ever 6*!. In years gone past, I would have been counting down the hours and dashing to the dressing up box – no, really! – to pull out all the finery* and reaching for the digital camera. I guess now that I can go out regularly, I don’t have the drive to dress at every chance. I also don’t have to panic about getting the eyeliner off half an hour before she’s back. 😀

Sometimes, laziness is a good thing. 🙂

* Not true, although there probably is a compilation album like that around somewhere. I saw a “Best Punk Album in the World ever” a few years back. Is that ironic? I’m not sure. Maybe Alanis could tell me. But then again…. 🙂


  1. This is my first time stopping by your blog. You are a talented writer. I’ll be back.

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