Test Run

Unlike the Boomtown Rats, I don’t mind Mondays. Everyone goes out of the house like a bullet from a gun. Lazy so-and-so that I am, I lig about a bit, get up, have a shower, etc.

A bath on an evening is lovely – especially to just lay in and soak your cares away – but a shower on a morning, is, well, a different type of good. Envigorating yet relaxing and you come out clean. What’s not to like? 🙂 Plus, I always seem to get a better shave in the shower. Must be the heat.

Afterwards, I have some breakfast and think about leaving the house –

Woah, now is it me or is this post turning into Parklife by Blur? 🙂

– unless of course, I happen to be out later in the week. Sometimes, Monday morning is for test runs. Pick out what outfit I might wear and see what goes together. Dress or skirt and top? Shoes or boots? That type of thing.

Well, now I’m sorted for what to wear to Nottingham on Thursday. New wrap dress (from New Look), heels (natch) and barely black tights. I thought I’d have a break from the patterned / fishnets ones.

Ideally, I need to trim my nails as they’re getting a little long. However, I’m hoping to keep them as they are and try a little polish that night. Oddly, I find nail varnish more of a pain than make-up. Actually, let me explain. Getting make-up off can be a little tricky, but compared to nail varnish, it’s a breeze. Maybe I’m missing a trick. 🙂

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