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Finally, the mystery of denial to Rosesforum has been solved. After a couple of posts to the forum – via a very slow public proxy – Sarah W came to my rescue and suggested that I may have been blacklisted for surfing the forum too much…. and she was right.

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Next week sees Nottingham Chameleons at a new venue and I’m looking forward to going. On Saturday there’s another gig – so to speak – this time in Leicester. I’ll see what P. has anything planned.

Of course, the downside with going out is that you have to plan what to wear! Still, it’s not like that’s a chore when you’re TG is it. You can while away the time stuck in traffic putting outfits together in your head. 🙂

NB: Not that crossdressers are obsessed or anything. [wink]


  1. Hi Anon 🙂

    There are two groups. One in Leicester (which is on 25/02) and one in Nottingham (on 23/02).

    You can find directions and venue details on the Roses’ event list (

    Hope that helps!

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