I’ve got a lot running around in my head at the moment. Thoughts jump in and out of focus, so I’m doing what I usually do in this situation: just write…. Or more accurately, when I can’t grab what I need to say, I tailspin into going off topic and I delete things. 🙄 I think this is attempt number four…

The bad

I… I don’t want to write about the bad things: the loss of womens’ rights in the US; the UK MP’s private letter sent to schools in South Yorkshire about a ‘push back’ to trans teens; and the creeping of fascism of our politics, etc. I am aghast that I’m writing that last line without irony, sarcasm, or self mockery.

I feel as if we’re walking in a dark wood. Trying to avoid the monstrous, shadowy hulks that crash and carve their way through the trees. I see the ruins of their wake, the lives crushed underfoot. I wonder, how long before we are spotted and stamped on? I wonder, with my middle class, white bloke privilege: what must it be like for others more easily spotted than I?

I hope… I hope that this toxicity will end. That people will see what the extremists want, and it’ll cost voters their rights, their jobs, or target their loved ones unless they stop supporting them.

Change is needed. Change to compassion and curiosity. We are more alike than not and I think pitching one group’s rights against another’s is a con. A cheat to make a one side pick a manufactured binary choice that seeks to divide and distract. It aims to fragment support, to allow something that benefits those in power, not those in the need.

(Conversely, here’s a group cutting through the BS and moving things on to be more inclusive).

Safe, my arse

Yesterday the Prime Minister hosted a reception in the garden of 10 Downing Street to mark Pride Month 2021 and to celebrate the contribution of LGBT people from across the UK.

The reception reflected on the government’s work so far to tackle LGBT injustice and looked ahead to June 2022 when the UK will host ‘Safe To be Me: A Global Equality Conference’.

So, I guess we transgender folk can look forward to being included in the bill to ban conversion therapy, just as gay, lesbian, and bi people are?

Perhaps we won’t be banned from sport?

Maybe we can look forward to a cease and desist statement to discourage bigotry painted as opinion in the media.

Might the government ask media organisation to update their standards? Certain journalistic standards state that they don’t consider racist, homophobic, or anti-religious views as legitimate, so maybe we trans folk can join that protected community too? Might we look forward to not having ‘debates’ around our right to exist as trans people.

Maybe the Gender Recognition system will be released as per Mrs May’s administration?

Or, more likely, nothing will change except the gaudy, plastic rainbow shape festooned around the door of No 10. Oddly, and perhaps, aptly, empty and leading nowhere.

Still, at least they’re not balloons. Like the government’s track record on trans right, they’re damaged by a prick.

Talk about virtue signalling, eh Boris? 😋

The good

Ignoring the lumbering monsters for a time, I’ll try to think of the things that have gone well this time around.

The Every Lovely Mrs J has started her phased return to work. Tiredness is a major issue for her, so while she’s not 100% yet, her health is moving in the right direction. We also popped to Boots so I could stock up on medical tape (vital for cleavage enhancement and face taping) plus some NYX fixing spray. Mrs J was very cool about all of this, which is just one of the many reasons why I think she’s a fab lady.

Wee Man is enjoying the long break of higher education summer holidays. Child 2.0 is struggling a little with their mental health – which is why MPs who don’t understand the needs of trans teens or their parents need to educate themselves, frankly. However, the good is that the local school have been amazing about flexing to meet his needs and I think that’s a good thing.

The building work to repair – or more accurately replace – the old roof on the conservatory is nearly done. Not only will it look a lot better, but the temperature feels better in their already. Dare I dream of a possible home office spot and more sort of outdoorsy sofa area too?

Chams was really good last night. Yes, it was nudging towards the wrong side of warm, but the aircon helped. That and switching to a long skirt and more summery top.

Eek! A Trans person

I guess, sometimes you need to look at the small things you can be grateful for in your life. That and try to pay it forward. Putting extra groceries in to stuck up the local food bank, or doing your bit to listen to the parents of trans kids.

Yeah, maybe it will be just a phase, this hostility and bigotry. Maybe those in power will grow out of it, once they learn voters don’t mean that way.

L x


  1. Ooh. I see what Joanna meant about your Chams skirt. That is fab. And a cute top as well.
    Christ, talk about hypocrisy from No 10. Celebrating LGBT while ignoring not just overlooking that T on the end but actively doubling down on making things worse. I had to remind my own workplace Pride group when they were talking about Pride Month now being more about celebration than protest that some parts of the community still very very much under threat and that if anything it seem to be getting worse. “Make Britain a hostile environment”? Join the club. They won’t learn by the way. They seem to be in complete denial, even after losing seat after seat.
    Although little of this seems to be reflected in the general population, at least as far as I can see from spending most of the last week in Susie mode, and out and about for walks and the occasional bit of shopping. I’m pretty sure I must have been tagged more than once but no one seems to pay much notice.
    Let’s go with the good while it lasts (it’s the last day of the week I can spend as Susie. I’ve loved it.)
    And I must talk to you about face taping. I want my jawline back.

    1. “LGB with the T” as said at the Pride protest at Stoke (source: Pink News). 🏳️‍🌈 I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens around Pride given some have been accused of having lost their way, becoming too commercialised. I hope that the organisations who are truly with the LGBTQ+ community step up and support trans rights too. I guess we’ll find out who are the supporters 🌟 and who are the fairweather rainbows 😋

      Thanks for the kind words about the skirt. It’s surprisingly cool to wear. A soft material and a cute pattern as well. Mind you, I may have to hand in my ‘TV license’, having worn Birkies with it each time 😉

      Great to hear you’ve had a week in Susie mode: what a gift! Plus, IMHO, each time you are out, seen, and spoken to, that’s more visibility and helps drive the normality of it all. 🤞

      PS: Will reply to your email about the taping in a bit.

  2. I know what you mean about having things whirling round. Stream of consciousness posts are very much my forte. However, you sound focussed to me, and doing much good in your own backyard.

    I think that’s what to focus on for all of us at the moment. If we all keep our backyard kind and open, support those around us etc then, when the time comes, we’ll know what choices to make for the bigger things.

    Not to say we shouldn’t support the campaigns and keep an eye on the political weather, nor that we shouldn’t be prepared for action, but that we can start creating the society we want in our own backyards.

  3. Lovely outfit, hair and makeup as ever, Lynn. So glad to hear that Mrs J is returning gently to work. Wishing her all the best, and also to your younger one who has my admiration and support.

    As for the state of the world, and especially the shysters running the UK, no amount of hoping or wishing for the better nature of rulers to manifest itself has ever been a successful approach to dealing with oppression, bigotry, corruption or lies. Force is required and I leave it to you to decide what that means in a British context. There are strikes among various sectors now for the first time in years and voters are being decisive. I think it will take much more but this is a start.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. At least this time I managed not to forget which shades of eyeshadow I’d used, so at least both eyes matched 🙂

      I very much doubt the current lot will change. I think it’s more that I’m hoping as scandal, after scandal rolls out, the fakery of trying to play group A against group B will become known, and people will start to see through it. That, and as seen at the two recent by-elections, new folk are voted in.

  4. I have to say “the bad” dominates my thoughts nowadays. I try to have as few thoughts as possible but don’t succeed at that very well.

    But, no, let’s not forget “the good”. Sometimes the good isn’t so bad 🙂

    1. Indeed. It seems very hard to escape or switch off from ‘the bad’. It’s there seemingly all of the time, ticking away like some annoying clock. Maybe when the culture war nonsense dies off a bit, we’ll get a break.

      Perhaps, and as you say, we need to focus on ‘the good’ that appears in our and the lives of others. ❤️

  5. Lynn

    Good to hear Mrs J is taking a step in the right direction with her recovery but sad that Child 2.0 is struggling, fingers crossed he’s able to deal with his issues going forward.

    Best Wishes

    Lotte x

    Nice outfit Lynn, love the long skirt, no wonder it’s getting noticed! I like the splash of green too from the sandals, nice colour combination.

    1. Thanks Lotte. It’s a difficult time for Child 2.0, bless them. At least the summer holidays aren’t far away. They do have an escape card (not the proper name 🙂) which allows them to go to the school’s support unit and get a break. Still, any attendance is a win, I think. At least things are picking up for Mrs J. She could do with some luck heading her way.

      PS: Thank you for the kind words about the skirt. As much as it’s a summer number, I’m loving the black mixed with the pretty pattern. The Birkies are sooo comfortable and as you point out, the splash of colour breaks up from the usual choices.

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