Crikey, writing a blog post on Saturday. Tut tut and I haven’t even got a note from my mum to to explain my lateness. πŸ˜‰ Hmm, there’s a thought and also an awkward conversation! πŸ™‚

Hi, Mum. Remember I told you back in the 90s I’d stopped dressing? Yeah, well, it turns out that stopping was just a phase and I’m much more myself. No, Mrs J is fine and no, the kids don’t know I’m trans. Well, if they do, they’ve not said anything. Anyway, I’ve been running a blog for the last decade or two, and I was wondering if you write me a note to explain why I was late posting? Oh, yeah, I tend to write every Friday. But no pressure if you’re busy in the garden 😁

Yes, perhaps not a good idea. I wouldn’t want to derail their weekend.

Somehow – or more accurately, someone – gave me a cold and it was a belter. I think I was sneezing every ten seconds or so, and along with the other symptoms, I wasn’t feeling great. I am hoping it doesn’t infect anyone at home nor at Chams. I was fine before I went out, so who knows. The main thing is it seemed a one day thing and I’m over the worse. Plus, not being ill at the weekend is a win in my book.

Given the above, I wasn’t in a place to really write anything. Yeah, I know this blog is often mostly an open diary, what Lynn did next, piccies, or occasional other stuff, but, no…

I could’ve written about what’s going on in the world, but firstly plenty of more informed (and less informed πŸ˜‹) folk do that already. Plus, I enjoy reading about other trans folk, so if I write what I want to read, there’s that.

There’s the old phrase of the best revenge is to live well, and this seems pertinent given the times we are living through. We being folk who are trans. I think we are still finding our way and language is changing to catch up with who we are. That, and as the law often drags behind the reality, we’re seeing the usual model play out of those who want progress, those who accept, those who exercise caution, and those who are dead against change.

What’s distorting the latter group seems not to be those who have legitimate concerns, but who seek to exploit the situation for their own political goals. That, IMO, is not okay. The same old distraction technique to rile folk up and draw them to your side. I remain hopeful that people will begin to see through that and maybe we can reach an informed compromise.


On an unrelated note – or perhaps on the subject of change and progress – happy 30th birthday Stonewall. πŸŽ‚ Maybe you could pop by and slip them a few quid for the good work that they do. Oh, and the above link also lists 30 items of good news. I think we’re living in a time where we can do with being reminded of the good things in life.


To close on some good news, I had a great time out at Chams – despite forgetting my nail polish remover and old school camera. Whoops.

Pat had forgotten to pack a necklace, so I gifted her one of my old ones I don’t wear. Sometimes, I think it’s good for the soul to think of others and maybe spread a little cheer where you can. Random acts of kindness and all that.

It seems the community centre had prepared a makeshift golden throne for photo ops, given Liz’s upcoming celebrations. I feel it would have been rude not to, so here we go πŸ™‚

I guess I better get the snaps off my phone and backed up somewhere safe. Dad, who’s this lady with your nose? 😁

L x


  1. You don’t want to use the tried and trusted “I did write one but the dog ate it” excuse then? And to explain why the dog is now wandering around in feather boa.
    ‘Ware colds. We both had one for over a week and then turned out that L was actually covid positive. After two over two years of being ultra careful, too. On the positive (!) side, it’s probably helped boost our immunity.
    Perhaps you could explain the photo as being of their long lost aunt who had to suddenly flee abroad before the kids were born after a calling out the treasurer in a duel of honour at the local WI meeting, and was subsequently elected monarch of the remote island on which she settled. Though after last week’s cold you might not want to add that noses run in the family.

    1. Well, the dog did eat the end of the scrubbing brush earlier. Boy dog has prior, so to speak πŸ™‚

      I did wonder about doing a COVID19 test, just to be safe, so thanks for suggesting it. I do think it’s a cold, given its sudden onset and departure. Voice wise, I should be quids in if anyone needs a vocalist for a death metal band. At least, once one returns from one’s Island kingdom πŸ˜‰

      1. Joanna is getting quite into Indian Folk Metal at the moment, perhaps you could team up !

        1. I think for those who love music, I feel it would be best not to.

          Lynn “Couldn’t carry a tune in a bag” Jones πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the letter to your Mum asking her to write you a note for your lateness, made me chuckle that did.

    That was a nice touch giving Pat one of your necklaces. You come across as being a person who probably does a lot of acts of random kindness, nice that.

    I like your crown photo, very regal. I hope you managed to get another photo without the crown too, it’s a very nice close up that. As usual nice out Lynn.

    Best Wishes

    Lotte x

    1. Glad it amused, Lotte. It was a late edit as I finished rattling on.

      A member of our family who isn’t referred to as The Every Lovely, didn’t sign her friend’s letters and excuse notes throughout school in the 80s 😁 Luckily, they turned their dangerous mind to science and not crime πŸ˜‰

      The kindness thing… Possibly, yes. I think, I think that I feel very fortunate to be where I am. Mrs J and I have been flat broke and it’s not something we forgot. When there’s a chance to pay it forward – help a friend, give something away, donate toa good cause, etc – it just happens.

      Oh, and thanks for the kind words about the selfie. There’s probably one I could crop because I’d misjudged the position of the crown. Usually I have an expert assistant for this type of thing. I even had to take my own photo! One struggles with such things 😁

      (Jokes aside, Val and I tag team taking photos for ourselves and others.)

  3. I love your royal selfie; you were clearly meant to be a queen.

    The picture would make a great gravatar icon.

    Penny from Edinburgh.

  4. Thanks Penny. Maybe I should update my gravatar icon with a more recent one. I’ve kept the one with the pink top, because I felt I wasn’t all jaw and nose in it.

    Maybe I’ve missed my true calling as a model for Mr Punch carvings 😁

  5. Ha! I see Susie’s made the joke about noses already. Curse you, early bird! Your cold and the crown, though, suggest a character on new series, Game of Throats.

    (Any good? Will I have a scriptwriting career with the BBC? … or still be relegated to the panto season?)

    That’s a super cute outfit and I love the hair.

    You’ve piqued my curiosity, though an answer is not required, as to whether you did tell your mum you’d stopped dressing? The subject was never raised directly when I was growing up, though it was clear something was up with me.

    Sue x

    1. “…still be relegated to the panto season?”

      Before I answer, are you referring to the much loved family friendly Christmas shows, or the current state of British politics? πŸ˜‰

      “He’s ignoring the social distancing laws just announced by having a party at work! Oh no he isn’t! Oh yes he is!” πŸ™„

      Thanks for the humour and also kind words about the outfit. To answer your question. The quick answer is yes, I told my Mum I’d stopped. It was true then (early 90s) as having been outed by a ‘friend’, my confidence plummeted and I purged what I had (not much) and tried just being a bloke.

      Obviously, that didn’t work 😁 However, I never said anything to my folks – as much as they are accepting and loving – as there has never been a good time to do so. Plus, I think they would only worry and at their age, would it benefit them to know?

      1. Thanks for your openness. I asked merely for the sake of comparison with other person’s experiences as young trans people. I’m very sorry – and angry – that you were outed by a ‘friend’ in that way. That happened to me, just in 2014 in fact, and the consequences were pretty devastating. Personally, I go with a ‘need to know’ basis (especially after that experience). Do your parents need to know? If not, don’t raise it.

        As for British politics, when I tell you that Italy, where I live, is largely considered as being run on sane and sensible lines, when it always used to be the joke state of Europe, and I compare Rome to the toxic farce now playing in Westminster, you can see how far the UK has fallen in just a few years.

        Sue x

        1. It’s… not a very pleasant experience, to use some typical British understatement. It, as you point out, really knocked my confidence and affected my trust in others. That took a long time to get back, and I’m sure the love of the Ever Lovely Mrs J played a big part in helping me, bless her.

          Sorry to hear you had to go through something similar. ❀️

          As much as it was not a pleasant time, I think learning that you can survive it, may help you cope with other things later on. Plus, it made me cut ties with the old, and make Nottingham my home.

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