Watching the pennies


Ah, another long weekend. Reasons to be cheerful eh? That and a night out at Chams as well.

I decided to go with an old favourite and also opaques. Partly due to the Wookie Factor, although my leg baldness seems to have remained. Not quite gone, but not quite there either. Hmm, somewhere in the middle as per 🙂 If only I coax it to quit from the ankles upwards as that would make cropped trousers and long skirts in summer easier. Biology eh? 🙂

Where was I? Oh yes, keeping warm. In an attempt to keep the electricity bill low, we’ve turned off our heaters a few weeks back. With the Spring sunshine, I’m reticent to turn them back on. Instead, it’s blankets, thermals, or hot water bottles if the kettle’s been on recently. That and running the dishwasher overnight to get a cheaper tariff.

I wouldn’t say we were feeling the pinch, but I do think we are being careful as prices rise. I’m certainly noticing folk talk about their increase in the cost of food, rent, and other services. It’s not great is it? It seems the impact is being felt even in our rural, middle class bubble.

L x


  1. Sharing blankets is something I’ve always thought would be a good way to keep heat…

    But yes, you are heard. Enjoy the long weekend! In case I’ve not said it already: your old favourites are well-chosen!

    1. A full length blanket that covers the feet and then a hot water bottle under your legs. The only risk is nodding off due to extreme comfort 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words about the old item – and the outfit 😉 Here’s to a glorious long weekend.

      PS: I thought your new foundation looked fab

  2. I just paid my gas bill and, even in the Med here, it was pretty eye-watering! But we are supposed to be weaning ourselves off fossil fuels so maybe this Russian problem is just the thing to make people really think, although I hear little connection being made by politicians yet between this and climate change. Keep snuggly and warm.

    Another lovely outfit from the Lynn Jones Spring Collection. I’ve always liked your style and here’s another winner.

    Enjoy the long weekend.

    Sue x

    1. Hopefully you still have enough pennies to enjoy a much needed beverage, Sue. Ideally somewhere very pleasant and possibly with just the right amount of sunshine.

      I’ve increased our monthly standing order to top up the leccy account. I fear that may happen again in the autumn, as I believe there’s a second increase on the way. I was somewhat miffed to find a number of green tariffs were mostly offset hacks, rather than using renewables as a core.

      Thanks for the kind words re the outfit. I think I’ve had my money’s worth on the whole outfit. 🙂

  3. Either you were fibbing about those extra pounds or you have a very good corset.
    That is a lovely outfit. The opaques work well. I trust you had a good time at Chams.
    Our heating went off a while back, and we have even abandoned the hot water bottles in the last month or so, although we still get caught out by the odd cold snap (like this morning).
    Not so sure about running the dishwasher overnight given that I am the dishwasher. There’s only two of us, so a bowl and sponge is enough, unless L goes indulges in one of her special cooking sprees which often use every pan in the house.

    1. In honesty, I’ve not been on the scales since before the pandemic. I may get weighed at the medical center as part of the usual. Other than that, I tend to go by my belt being on notch three. If it’s notch two, it’s time for less pies 🙂I do think the biggest difference to my weight has been going alcohol free and flexitartian. The more veg focused diet seems to have given me a flatter tum. That or the dress helps cling to the padding and helps make me look less trunky 😁

      Oh and it was a quiet but fun evening. Plenty of chatter and discussion.

      There’s four of us in the house – three adults and a late teen – and with us being at home a lot, the plates and mugs soon build up. It is a luxury, but it really saves us time.

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