The pond, the rock, and the ripples


Given the slight wobble a few days ago, I’ve been attempting to try a bit more self care this week. That’s despite two rather serious issues at work around security. I’ll not say any more as part of what I do is keeping secrets: perhaps true organisationally and at the individual level too. However, the impact of such emergencies can be the ringing of the proverbial fire bell and it’s all hands on deck to sort it.

With the stress levels rising, I’ve been mindful of advice from the Ever Lovely Mrs J, as well as that from those of you who commented or emailed in. Namely trying to take regular breaks, enjoy the moment while outside, and indulge in a spot of self care around my body.

IMO, it’s funny to hear the wisdom that our mind and body – or mind, body, and spirit, if you inclined – are one. Often it seems advice from certain areas is that they may share a physical space, but are very different.

A good friend at work talks about this from time to time and his wise words are thoughtful and inspiring. I find wry amusement at myself that he’s able to turn the teaching around meditation and Eastern philosophy to a form where godless folk like myself tune in 🙂 Perhaps that’s the sign of a good teacher?

Conscious that I’m just me – or more accurately, a mix of mind and body – perhaps deciding to try and not react to the moment of emotion. I’m sure my friend could suggest a story about a stone thrown in a pond and how the ripples fade in time. However, I’m not that clever 😉 Yes, hormones and chemicals may race around and perhaps they’re caused by thinking or just being…. but can I choose to let them be?

So trying to be a bit more ‘let it happen’ seems to be helping. That and enjoying the little things. I think ShyBiker posted about nails last week and Sue mentioned something recently too. So, I’ve enjoyed a soak in a hot bath, careful attention to my pins, applied sparkly red nail varnish to my toes, and some tinted moisturiser for my now Nordic blue body complexion. No parrot jokes please 😉

I am hopeful that folk, food, and ideas on outfits will come together for the Chams Christmas Do tomorrow night. We can plan and we can hope.

L x


  1. Sounds like Miss Lynn is going to be very pretty for the party. Looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

    Stress seems to be an increasing part of life. I’m sure it didn’t used to be this way, even a few years ago (or is this just me turning into a typical old woman?) In some ways, the relaxation industry (from travel to spas to scented candles. etc.) actually emphasises the stress more by providing moments of total contrast that only make relaxation and reality clash more. I never know if dealing with stressful things in bits as they come is best, or hoarding them for one masochistic Stressful Crap Obliteration Session.

    Wishing you a very zen week and a party so chilled you could cool those prosecco bottles in your bra!

    Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. I’m trying to – how to say this? – not make the party, or perhaps more accurately, the outfit, a big thing.

      Yes, having a social get together to close the year would be nice, and yes, putting some effort in (collectively) sounds good too. But, not to make it vital. Does that make sense? Instead, to accept this as they happen and yet to enjoy what occurs. Certainly instead of worrying about things not being perfect.

      Likewise with the Xmas outfit. Now, I know there’s baggage/judgement around being a part timer and clothing. “Oh, it’s just about dressing up!” some may say. However, when your sense of identity is often put on hold, when you have time to express all of yourself, I feel there’s a risk that a person can put too much emphasis on wanting to look just right. Perhaps for the wish to be okay with who you are and not feel quite so… wrong, off kilter, etc.

      Dysphoria is a sneaky so and so. As much as it’s an unpleasant experience, I think it has other tools to draw you into its bleak mist.

      Still, keep it light, Lynn 😁

  2. Self care is important and glad to hear that you’ve given yourself some. I’m sure that will help the stress levels. Sparkly Red nail polishes sounds very nice!!

    Enjoy your Xmas party Lynn, I think after getting through those serious security issues at work you could probably do with letting your hair down.

    1. You’re right, Charlotte. Remembering to keep up with the self care is important. I think having tried to put that back had really helped this week.

      The Xmas Party was a quiet affair, but in s good way. It’s certainly recharged my batteries and turned down the stress meter.

      As to the red nail varnish with sparkles, I think it looks fab at this time of year. It’s also a right pain to remove. 🙂

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