Happy holidays


Well, the Jones family have now retreated to their respective caves and there’s just myself and two hounds on the sofa. After a very pleasant walk in a nearby country park, the final push on the wrapping up, and the now traditional cheese board tea, we’re coasting beautifully into Christmas Eve.

At this time of year, even with the COVID situation, Christmas can be quite the pressure cooker. Please remember, it’s just a day. It doesn’t need to be perfect and it’s absolutely okay to retreat to apply self care if required. We’re all human, even [insert famous person’s name you don’t like] 🙂

If possible, get outside if you can – alone or otherwise – and try not to pile your plate up, emotionally speaking. Take it easy on the snacks and the drinks, and pace yourself.

Above all, it will pass. It’s just a day and there will be other chances to meet folk close to you and for you to be yourself as well.

Good luck and see you on the other side ❤️

L x