The joy of choice


With both kids back in full time education, the Ever Lovely Mrs J mostly at work, and the slowly descending temperatures, I felt it was time to ditch the summer coat. So long Wookie pins. May you rest until springtime and recover your energy from providing bloke mode over.

I’ve written this before, but I feel it needs repeating that when my body matches how I feel, my mood is lifted. It’s not that I feel dysphoric or similar emotional pain, but it’s akin to an ache or carrying a heavy weight around. When either of those are gone, you’re reminded of how life should feel and to feel content, or even good, about yourself, well, I think that’s one of the finest things in the world. But hey, I’ve not been out much of late, so maybe in wrong on that 😉

The midsummer purchase of some subtle fake tan has helped keep my upper arms and now my pins away from Celt White. But, thankfully away from – how did one reader put it? – not Orange Buffoon 😁 Again, all reasons to be cheerful. Mind you, I mistimed the arm application, so it was a time for a makeshift application of bronzing powder.

Talking of cheerful, it was time for a night out at Chams. By lucky happenstance while my mind drifted as I walked the hounds, I remembered the blue dress I’d bought from a charity shop about two years back and also a pretty green dress with flowers. I’m afraid I’m rather partial to a print, even if separates and two patterns are some style-jitsu I’ve yet to master.

The evening itself went well with some familiar faces, returning visitors, and another new guest. I guess as the nights draw in and body season is over, folk start to drift back. It’ll be a few more meetings until we reach our peak attendance, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new run works out when numbers grow.

Thankfully the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s health is much improved, so there was no need to dash home and leave Val to hold the fort (fingers crossed for that be set off keys, Mrs 🤞).

Andie was kind enough to offer their expertise and shoe stretching skills on a pair of nude heels. Maybe I’ll be lucky and they’ll be a better fit. I do need to sort my shoe cupboard out as it has become a little busy over the last few years. There’s only time to wear so much, so perhaps it’s time to be generous and a little brutal in passing things along I’m not wearing. Mind you, it was rather good to find my old sparkly wedges tucked in the back of the cupboard 😁

As everyone started to drift off home, before locking up there was a quick chance to test out the blue dress. Yes, it’s in need of an iron and I’m wondering if a chemise may help it hang a little better. Something to keep an eye out for.

L x


  1. Well, I thought the print dress an amazing thing and worn well, but the blue dress also works. Basically, I’m saying you look fab in both!

    And, how odd, but I know exactly what you mean about having a weight lifted. I was struggling to put that feeling into words just now, actually, and your way works better than anything I came up with. And certainly less confusingly.

    May you enjoy your exile from Kashyyyk for as long as you are able. 🙂

    1. Thanks that is very kind, Joanna. The compliments of the dresses and on the wordage. I’m afraid I do love a metaphor. 🙂

      Kashyyyk? I thought that might be a hairy extra (oo-er, Mrs 😉) from Lovecraft, but it seems you are strong in the knowledge of the Wookies, hmmm. 😉

  2. What lovely dresses. And the model wearing them is not bad either. No wonder she has a smile on her face. 🙂

    Like the jewellery and nails very much, too. These little touches can seem like an afterthought but I think enhance any look.

    Good to hear that life and dressing opportunities are getting back into their rhythm and you can feel more ‘you’. Glad Mrs Jones is better, too.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. I felt very pretty in them. As to jewelry, I think it can add to an outfit. That and having your nails looking nice really help lift my mood.

      Mrs J, bless her, is well rested. I think last time there was just too much going on and the health issues was the proverbial straw.

  3. The green print dress looks lovely and floaty. The blue suits you nicely as well.
    Any chance of passing on Andie’s shoe-stretching tips at some point? I also had a pair of nude heels that needed a bit of extra wriggle room in the toes and there’s probably another couple of pairs that could do with opening out a bit. (A couple others are just obviously too small and need to go in a donation bag.)
    Sue is right about the extra touch from the jewellery and nails. I nearly always wear jewellery as Susie although I’ve lost count of the number of earrings I’ve lost somewhere along the way – luckily they are only cheap charity shop finds – but never in bloke mode (not even a watch). I have never managed nails properly – the result always looks blotchy – so after the first few attempts I’ve avoided strong colours in place of a pale pink or clear, but I’d love to sport nice read nails for a day.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Susie. The green one – Joe Browns, again – did feel lovely on. I think it may need a slip to help it avoid occasional clings when sitting.

      As to shoe stretching, we’ll have to see if Andie pops by the blog and can share her experiences.

      Accessories really do add to an outfit as you say. I don’t wear a watch in bloke mode either, although I do wear an earring (or two at the weekend). That and I always wear my wedding ring.

      I think the nail polish situation is all about practice. That and keeping one hand flat while resting the wrist of the one doing the application. Maybe that’s time for another Lessons Learned? 😁

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