Last night was Chameleons and usually we’d have the obligatory What I Wore photo, commentary of the last minute nerves, and other news.

But not today.

When I woke this morning, our beautiful boy dog’s cancers had grown massively in the night. When we embarked on his treatmen and asked how would we know when it was time, both the vet and a local rescue charity had said we would know when it was.

We knew he was slowing down on his walks, yet the night before he was his usual cheeky self. Welcoming on our trip to the shops, making himself known when Wee Man had uneaten pizza crusts on a plate. Today was the day we knew was coming and while I’m sad he’s gone, for he was a truly wonderful hound, it was time.

I’ve heard it said that sometimes the best you can hope for is a good death. He passed away being held gently and with much love by the humans who’d taken on this rescue pooch. We were outside, looking out over fields, as our boy has never liked vets, bless him. So it was as good as it could have been.

On the long drive back, we shared memories of the good and the more – shall we say, colourful? – moments of his time with us. 🙂

Just last week I caught the BBC programme in which Chris Packham talks eloquently on deeply personal issues about his mental health and how pets form part of that healthy living. The piece involved just Chris and, in guessing a smartphone on a stick, which meant no crew or otherwise. Just a person talking and sharing. As much as I knew it was one sided, there were many moments in which I felt he was taking with me. His suggestions and ideas for those who may have similar outlooks on live to him were kind and wise.

“Grief is just another expression of love…” Minnie Driver

So our boy dog’s life has come to an end and I’m left with the loss in knowing there will be no more memories made together. But, I have photos, videos, and my own recollections. My life is richer for having him in it. He was always glad to see me, loved cuddles, walks, and while I shall miss him, I will not forget him.

Rest well, old friend ♥️

L x