A lot better than last week


What a difference a week makes, eh? A few days of beautiful sunshine, practicing some self care (tea breaks, looking out of the window, etc), and an evening out (Chams) have all helped to put the spring back in my step. All in time for the back holiday weekend as well. 🙂

In other news, our eldest has finished school. That’s it for him until his A level results and then he may be off to university. He’s currently out with his friends and I hope they are drinking responsibility. I mean, you wouldn’t want to spill it would you 😉

I got an early pass to Chams and that helped give me time to set the room up, unlock the cupboards, and stop off for milk along the way. Coincidentally, the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I have switched to oat milk and it’s delicious in hot drinks. Hopefully every little helps in terms of the environment. I think adjusting our meat consumption will be next, but we don’t eat much red meat as a rule.

Where was I? Oh yes, Chams. It was busy night with at least three new folk coming along. Good to see another transman person pop along. I am hoping this is a steady increase.

Outfit-wise, I had a slight issue with my jeans riding down. I don’t have that problem with my high waisted blue ones, so perhaps a wardrobe review is in order.

Thanks to Andie for the photo

My new tops arrived today and a cursory try on makes me think they’ll be okay. I shall look forward to trying then next month. Fingers crossed it’s warm but not hot next time. 🙂

L x


  1. This post makes me really happy 🙂 . So glad that the weather’s improved, that you’ve taken time to look after yourself and that you got to Chams (which is always a highlight) and that there were new folk there (bonus!). And as for your Now-Not-So-Little Man, I am very happy for him, especally after a bizarrely difficult year. Finishing school is a feeling that happens only once in life and you have nothing to compare it to, before or after, so it is truly unique. I wish him the best future possible. I am sure you are justly proud of him.

    Even if your jeans are falling down, I still think you look great.

    Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue ♥️ Yes, a much better end to the week compared to the previous. A day to remember given Child One leaving school (he’s 6’7″ BTW, so not so wee now, but still a kind soul, bless him). Proud? Yes, he’s got a lovely heart, tries hard, and he’s got a natural gift in two subjects. I hope he finds his place at university.

      Listening to others and thinking about my time away from home, it was s chance to leave the school baggage behind and, clichéd as it sounds, there’s a chance to start over. I found polytechnic very freeing and I think it really helped me grow as a person.

      As you say, it is a big thing in leaving school. Wee Man was saying that it sunk in last week, that he’d grown up with a lot of his class, from primary to secondary, and now folk will likely move away either into jobs or university.

      I had resolved the descent issue for the photo. I think those jeans will be passed on. Sizing is weird: same shop, same range, different colour, and somehow a different fit. Bah humbug 🙂

      1. Six foot seven :-O :-O !!! Even in my highest heels I’d only reach his collar. I wish him well on the university basketball team! If you’ve got any secrets as to what foods make people grow upwards rather than outwards, I’d be grateful for the info!

        Sue x

        1. Despite significant research, I’ve only found the foods that assist in sideways expansion.. I’m wondering if the truck is to eat at 90 degrees. 🙂

  2. Congratulations and best wishes to your eldest. That must have been one of the weirdest final years of school. Kids grow up fast these days, and they also seem to grow *up* fast as well. One of my nephews is 6’5″ and towers over his mum and practically everyone else in the family.
    Good to see you got out again, and that new folk are starting to come.

    1. Yes, it was not the academic year we had expected. 🙂 I think the students and teachers did their best in the circumstances. The school tried incredibly hard with supporting our children despite the bungling and dithering on lockdowns by Bozo.

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