Blue skies and Birkenstocks


I’m clocking off work a little early today due to a few early starts and late finishes. At least, that’s the excuse I’m using 😉

This week gone I’ve had the pleasure of lunchtime walks under bright blue skies. Occasionally, a little nippy, but so much better than being stuck in an office. While I’m not one for hot weather – at least certainly not if I’ve got to do anything like working, studying, housework, gaming, etc. – the current situation is just right. That and the views of the rolling hills of south Nottinghamshire, hedgerows in bloom, wild flowers, and – if you can get away from the roads – birdsong. All very much ‘reasons to be cheerful’.

With the weather warming and the kids back at school (the poor buggers), I dug out my nail varnish and decided to paint my toes. I think I may need to revisit Boots and buy a new bottle soon. Not because it’s gone iffy, but because it’s nearly gone! Perhaps a gentleman can have too much of a good thing 💅😉 Still, it’s a little bit of glamour just for me and I think that helps keep me on the level.

A very brief unmasked moment

On that happy note, it was Chameleons on Thursday evening. Unfortunately my organisational partner in crime, Val, couldn’t make it due to work commitments (see you next time, Mrs! 🙂) and with a slightly early arrival, I had a quick chat with the Centre Manager to catch up. We’ve had a little shuffle around in terms of a new room and as we’re the main hirer (woo 👍) we’ve a little freedom to shuffle the furniture around a little to make it a bit more us. I’ll put a photo on the group’s website later.

Outfit wise, unusually for me, I was fairly sure on what i was going to be wearing. Skinny jeans, wedges, and my new top. I did take a spare top in case things didn’t work out and also a pair of the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s unworn and unwanted Birkenstocks (the risk of a punt on a second hand purchase, bless her).

I think the lighting in the main room may be better than the stairs. It seems Hollywood Corner may need to move, as the lights on the stair hallway are much dimmer than before. Still, sometimes I think a bit of a change is a good thing…. particularly if it helps you feel fancy. 😉

L x


  1. Excellent, it’s good to hear that Chams meetings are going again and that spring is there. Fingers crossed there are no more lockdowns. Looking good. Sue x

    1. Being able to meet up and have face to face conversations is great. Virtual meetings are okay, but they do miss out on body language and facial expressions.

  2. If you’re getting out in nature more, I recommend grabbing one of the phone apps that identifies birdsong. Adds a little “oh, that’s interesting” to a nice spring walk

    1. Thanks Pandora. I’ve been using BirdNet which seems to be fairly accurate and there’s no ads.

      It’s certainly filling in the gaps in my former country bumpkin upbringing. 🙂

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