First off, good luck for this year. I feel I should add that I don’t mean that in the sarcastic or comedic sense of well, good luck with that. Certainly a phrase that’s possibly passed your lips in 2020. 🙂

I feel that the post Xmas/New Year period can be a little tricky. The festive season can be a great distraction with the bustle, celebration, time off, and what have you. After all that comes the long month of January. Not that it’s January’s fault, to be fair. It’s not got the Saturday morning lie in from the Friday night excesses, but more the month of with the welcome of a Monday morning. 😉

Why is it I look at December as a magical time of cosy evenings, sumptuous fabrics, and delight, yet January gets dumped into the bleak winter? Perhaps, a good January is what you make it.

With the preamble out of the way, I happened to stumble upon the website Action for Happiness and they’re offering a free calendar. No, not a series of -ahem- inspirational quotes, but a daily dose of goodness. Things that can help you feel better about yourself. I should add I do love a good quote. Ideally one that makes me think, chuckle, or both.

As someone one lost in the dark wood of depression, I think I can put my hand on my heart and say that anyone who’s managing to haul the millstone of mental distress* around, gets my respect and empathy. Just getting out of bed can be a task in itself.

( * There’s a magic item no role-player wants to see 😁 )

Will a calendar of things to do fix things? I’ll be blunt – or honest, perhaps: no. At least, not by printing it off or reading it. You have to do. Just like putting your lipstick on, the glamour won’t apply until you try. Reading about how to walk in heels is one thing, but to put them on and take your first steps? It’s okay to wobble a bit. You’ll get the hang of it in time and with practice. So it is with self care and kindness: all you need to do, is try. There’s no super secret or great power, just, give it a go.

Shall we swish away the drab greyness that’s been draped across the first month? Treat it like that the page in a fresh notebook. Do something that makes you feel great. A hot shower, comfy clothes, some sparkle, a stroll on your own or otherwise: something that means something special to you. A healthy dose of hygge or even a gratitude walk perhaps? (Hygee as in hoo gah like nougat. Mmm. Nougat 🙂). IMHO, it’s not about buying comfort, but enjoying what you have.

Deep breath, Big girl pants on (the comfy ones), and let’s face Glamuary like a new friend: with warmth, kindness, and hope.

L x


  1. Happy New Year, Lynn. Wishing you all good things.

    My main observation on your post is that January is especially grim in Britain as it’s a country that’s deliberately dissasociated public holidays from religion and community, and has the fewest public holidays of any country in the world. They all bunch up, too, 3 in just one week of Dec/Jan, 4 at Easter/May and then nothing till August and again nothing till Christmas again. In Latin countries, for instance, they often have 6 January (Epiphany), 2 Feb (Candlemas), Carnival (Feb/Mar, that in South America goes on in a drunken haze for 5-7 days!), Easter, Ascension (May), national days, labour days, liberation days, local saints days, what-the-hell-it’s-sunny-so-why-not days… There’s always a festivity to look forward to or plan for. Where I live (not a large town, 52000 pop.) over the winter/early spring weeks they hold the main National Music Festival (Feb), a Flower Festival (Mar), a car rally, a major international cycle race (Feb) and so on. In the UK you might get a church fete or a town fair once a year. My feeling is there’s less opportunity to forge community spirit and shared fun, especially at this bleakest, coldest time of year when you need jollying up and your purse has been emptied by the needs of The Economy that demands vast disbursements for Xmas.

    Maybe you should start a proper round of monthly extravananzas for the UK. A Glamuary Festival, a whole long weekend of frock parades for all! Followed by Fab February, Equinox Eleganza, Spring Splendour and so on. I’m not suggesting a Rio-style ostrich-feather bikini parade in the wet and chill of a UK winter, but regular national or local reasons to combat the depression that descends on Brits at this time of year, which is a societal and governmental problem, in my opinion, not a personal one.

    Sue x

    1. Yes, the lack of national holidays is not good, IMO. A day when the shops are actually shut might be a good thing. Especially if you work in retail and that’s only a few bank holidays that are actually guaranteed. The rest seem like extras chances for us proles to pump money into the tax havens of the super rich 😛

      So, yeah, some holidays to break up the monotony of work would be great in my book. Particularly if they are extra for people.

      Perhaps National Offline Day where we don’t check our offices, email, or social media, and see friends, get outside, take a long bath, read, etc. 🙂

      Community Day where we do something for the place we live in. A tidy up, a street party, hedge trimming, or similar.

      Slow Food Day were we don’t eat any fast food or prepack. Maybe we come together – virtually or physically – and make some dishes from scratch. Pass on the skills to others and a chance for us to learn new things from other cultures.

      Of course, such time off would mean certain folk worry about The Money. Oddly, a happy workforce is a productive one. More hours doesn’t equate to more productivity. The latter is low in the UK compared to other European nations.

  2. Well said Lynn! The beginning of a new year should be celebrated, not all on New Years Eve with copious amounts on alcohol, although I’m no way against that! But January should be a new beginning so lets all enjoy it. For those of us that are fortunate enough to be fit and well, it’s about time we enjoyed what life really means, not what bargains we can get at the January sales, or being depressed because we are short of cash following the excesses of Christmas. Life is about being alive, being the person we want to be being happy………..

    Lets all have a fabulous 2021!!!!

    1. And a fabulous new year to you as well, Andrea. 🎉

      I don’t quite get why folk used to be up with the lark for the Boxing Day sales. I don’t mind a spot of retail therapy, bit there’s a limit, IMO.

      With so many folk not able to be out not be in the office, sales of going out outfits and cosmetics have tanked. I wonder what the long term effect of this will be on us? Will there be a snap back or will folk separate the social from the style?

      1. To be honest, I never worked out just why people had to go to the sales on Boxing Day either, in my opinion tall shops should be closed for the two days, after all, shop workers are entitled to have a break as well.

        I think we will all change as a result of 2020, many of us will not return to the high street at all, many businesses will realise they don’t need so much office space, as their staff can work at least some of the time from home, this will have a knock on effect on cafe, restaurants, coffee shops and retail. Just how it will all work out in the end I don’t know, but it will definitely be different form what was ‘normal’………..

        1. I’m hoping to see some positive change once things settle down.

          If home working becomes more of a thing, might we see more mobile coffee shops? That or some takeaway culture in the suburbs?

          I think with all the online ordering, letting shop staff actually have paid time off would be great. Might be worth asking those that do that job, mind 👍

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