Currently, the BBC is running through music from the 90s. Perhaps as modern production is made more difficult, we look back more frequently. Digging through the stack of programmes of yesteryear..A more jaded person might say that with all that’s going on in the world, looking back is comforting and a natural reaction to retreat.

Well, I’d challenge that particular notion given the musical equivalent of drying paint from the identikit packaged pop of SAW. No wonder indie and rave bloomed during this time 😛 Possibly the long shadow of punk’s Have A Go and the steady rise of accessible computing helped too. Perhaps also an element of being cooped up under a decade of slowly tightening right wing rule….

Hmmm. Is this sounding a little familiar? 😉

L x


  1. Going on a 90s binge I was very disappointed that Spotify does not have Street Tuff by Double Trouble and the Rebel MC 🙁

    1. That is indeed, disappointing. 🙂 Mind you, it’s only recently they had Pitchshifter’s Deconstruction. 🤘

      Any joy with The Mad Stuntmen? 😛

      1. They’ve got that classic, but I suspect that’s more to do with it’s use in the film Madagasgar 😀

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