The Costa del Shed


I’m having a week off at the mo. No last minute commute from the kitchen to the laptop. Instead, a later hour and a leisurely breakfast with the Ever Lovely Mrs J. After that, perhaps a morning stroll with the hounds while the coffee kicks in.

With things being as they are, this will be our second break and a staycation. We’re not far from the back to school week and both kids seem to be happy in their rooms. Gaming, watching YouTube, talking to their mates, and sometimes all three at the same time.

I’m enjoying a break from the routine and while I like a change of scenery for walking and to wake the mind a little, I do like my own bed. The only slight snag is thinking oh, I could do X where X might be a house job I’ve not done yet. Mind you, I’ve not managed to report the two orchids in the bathroom, so I think the larger task of getting a new shed in the garden may have to wait.

With the COVID19 situation still very much unknown – and I note our great leaders have U turned on their advice again (this time of facemasks in schools) – I’m not sure much will be happening holiday-wise in October. Ah well, longer trousers may mean smoother pins, so there’s that feeling of normality to look forward to. Perhaps a holiday from the usual appearance.

L x


  1. Unfortunately the plague will be something we will have to live with (which is a better option than the alternative) for years so there will still be plenty of time to erect that shed.
    Don’t scrimp. Maybe a two storey job or a workshop and sleepout with a walk in wardrobe and a music studio.
    I’ve built a heavy steel carport as my covid project. This could be yours.
    Something to show for that annus horribilis we know as 2020.

    1. Life goals: living through the outbreak. 😁

      A music studio would be good for our eldest, but I’m not sure the neighbours would appreciate it. Still, a workmate has his Commuter Shed which acts as his home office and gadget cave.

      I did wonder about a summer house, although that’s a serious change to the garden layout. Plus, it’s money we would love to spend on a holiday. 😉

      On the upside, recent changes to the garage at the side of the house will improve access, so who knows!

      Congrats on the construction job. I draw the line at minor activities.

  2. Enjoy the break, Lynn. Forget the tasks you could do: you need to be busy to get busy. Now’s the time to relax with later breakfast, longer hound cuddles and mind clearance.

    Wishing your kids good luck with returning to the classroom.

    Sue x

    1. Given it’s nearly 11 and we’re yet to take the hounds out, I think we’ve achieved our late breakfast target, Sue 😁

      New uniform for the Jones 2.0 while Jones 1.0 gets to wear his own gear for sixth form.

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