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So, how is lockdown going for you? I guess I should add a little more to that as some countries are enforcing it, some are suggesting it, and others, well, I’m not sure ignoring is wise. I guess we will see how those strategies all play out in the coming months!

For me, and listening to the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s science view on things, the populist idea of “Oh, it’ll all blow over soon. Now back to work!” seems at best naïve, in reality… What? Dumb? Willfully ignorant? Uninformed? I am short on polite words to describe certain ‘leaders’ who behave in such a way. I cannot help but feel when a consensus of medical experts challenge you on it, you really should listen. Mind you, it’s not like some folk aren’t still flying about or traveling you their holiday homes to spread the infection.

This week felt as busy as the last one, but in my book, better to be busy than bored. 🙂 It’s been a bit fraught with so much remote work, but I think I am getting used to working like this and I’m not missing the commute in. It’s been a struggle to balance comfort breaks with back to back meetings. Perhaps I need to take a leaf out of Sue’s advice on home working, and start padding in breaks to stretch, make s drink, and take my foot off the gas. I don’t think the stuff I do is that life and death.

Both kids are doing what they can to stay on top of their school work, although Wee Man’s A level lessons seem to run longer than when he was in the class. I’m concerned that his teachers have underestinsted the time required to do the work. I suppose we’ll keep an eye on things.

Slightly awkward pose to go here

Thursday would have been a night out with the group, but with things as they are, that wasn’t going to happen. So it goes and I hope the precautions we’re doing now will pay off in due course. While technology can solve some issues, it’s yet to provide a magic wardrobe for me to disappear into. Maybe that’s how Doctor Who got out of hand 🙂

So, I guess we’ll have to see how things go. I’m not yet hearing the ticking of the fabulous clock, so I hope that continues. It’s not like I’m going to have the chance in the next few weeks. Perhaps I will have to make do with a pretty shirt and begging well groomed.

Taking of which, I’ve seen my image on conference calls a few too many times this week. Luckily, I’m doing okay mentally, so that’s not weirding me out. 🙂 I could do with not seeing myself in bloke mode and the lighting isn’t helping my eyebrows. Oh the vanity! 🙂

Good luck to you all next week and stay safe. I think the Jones Crew will do what they usually do at the weekend: lie in, bake, play computer games, and stay in.

Lockdown? We so got this 🙂

L x


  1. This is a very difficult time for everyone, but for girls like us it can be particularly difficult, a prolonged break from being en-femme is not too bad when you know when the break will end, this time we don’t……
    I don’t know about you, but I suspect you are similar to me, this is already starting to get difficult and with no end in sight it’s going to get a lot harder in days and months to come. It is times like this when we really do need our friends, people we can really on that will support us in times of need. We need to keep in touch with each other, send a message, let each of us know we are not alone and we are still here and we understand the problems we are facing. I know that is pretty obvious, but the happiness receiving a friendly email can give is enormous!

    Keep well Lynn and all your family, look after each other and with God willing we will all get through this safely.

    Andrea xx

    1. Despite being out of the office for two weeks or so, I’ve seen and spoken to workmates pretty much daily.

      Given what you’ve said about our community and quite possibly the situation, maybe that is the key: to stay in touch. If that’s via email, messaging, or otherwise. Perhaps the medium doesn’t matter, but the effort and the result do.

      I felt the creeping ghost fingers of dysphoria earlier. Just a brush of their regret as I watched television. I put it down to tiredness and perhaps with positive thoughts and action, I can whisk them away. The next date of dressing seems far off, but I think I’ve gone longer. Maybe it’s the return to not knowing, but what’s in place isn’t forever.

      Positive thoughts. L x

  2. Hi Lynn

    Thanks for the shoutout. Do insist on those breaks from work during the day. You find that your concentration and output are much improved after each one.

    Nice photo, too. I’d never previously really had an opportunity to check out the classy carpeting at Chams Central.

    Silliness apart, I’m glad to hear things are going OK chez Jones. Wee Man is doing A-levels! :-O Blimey, I recall when he was just knee high to a laptop. Wishing him the best of luck in this uniquely awkward year for students.

    I hope you keep the dysphoria at bay till normality returns. And, naturally, fingers crossed for your, yours and all you know at this time.

    Sue x

  3. No worries about the link. I did read the suggestions around timings and breaks with interest. I think I’ve been overdoing it a bit with one too many back to back meetings. Seems I’m forgetting the self care principles.

    Yes, the awesomeness that is the Centre’s staircase and impromptu posing point. Open own red carpet… umm… that’s actually green. 😉

    Luckily Wee Man is in the first part of Sixth Form, so while he’s working hard, he’s not up against the worry of actually taking his exams. I can only hope that those who are aren’t too stressed or disrupted by events.

    I think I shall try to keep thinking on the positives and not worry about when I might be in Lynn mode again. I happened to stumble upon another blogger’s (Adrian Acosta of Gender Fun) who said: “Gender Identity doesn’t come off when the makeup is washed off.”

    I feel I could write s blog post on that love alone 🙂

  4. Despite being more introverted than average, I’m finding the lockdown hard going. I’m still speaking to friends and family by phone and Discord, but it’s not the same as actually being in the same room. I still need some human contact.

    I’m mainly coping by sleeping, playing videogames, and sewing. But it’s hard to motivate when we’re in an indefinite holding pattern.

    Glad you and the family are holding up OK!

  5. Sorry to hear you’re finding it tough going, Pandora. Video calls are okay, but they are not quite contact. 🙁

    Pre lockdown I did see a pensioner coffee morning held in a field where they were all three metres apart and drinking from flasks. I can only assume it was coffee 🙂

    What video game are you playing at the mo? I’m just playing the Toussant section of The Witcher III.

    1. I’m playing a lot of Apex Legends at the moment. I can play online with friends and we can chat on mic. Plus the characters and voice acting are pretty cool.

      1. I did have to look that game up. It sounds cool and playing with friends to complete a mission sounds ace. Plus, a bit of social while you’re blasting the bad guys.

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