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There are times when I sit down to write Friday’s blog post and I just can’t seem to get it started. It as if there is too much going on in my head: a whirlwind of images, thoughts, and emotions. Not from a creativity point of view, moreover, too much going on. The way through it, at least for me, is to take a deep breath, pause, and then start to write. Maybe I’m just trying to make sense of the week.

Last night we had our Halloween meeting for Chameleons. A few folks where a bit more gothic than usual and as a general rule, we don’t really do a fancy dress evening. When we have, it’s been about a 40/60 split, with most folk opting not to go for a costume. It’s partly budget, time, and other factors that hold that back, and that’s fine. We don’t make a big thing of it.

For a bit of fun, I decided to dial up the glam a bit and risk trying my hand at a smokey eye. I’ve held off as whenever I’ve practised at home, it’s never quite worked. Still, I was okay with the results and I opted for the studded heels that I’ve not worn for what feels like a year, maybe more. Oddly, surprisingly comfortable.

Given the funding situation is doing okay at the mo, I brought some Halloween themed cupcakes, because who doesn’t like a snack with a hot drink?

We also had a discussion around the funding and we’re now on track for this year to lower the attendance costs. The group have all voted on their preference and I am hoping that reducing the costs will help boost the numbers. With the grant money we were awarded and donations from our out-reach/training programmes, we’re doing okay at the mo. All things to be thankful for.

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  1. "Writing is easy. You just stare at a piece of blank paper until little drops of blood form on your forehead." (Gene Fowler) Substitute screen for paper and I know that feeling too well. At least you can scribble distracted doodles on a piece of paper while waiting for inspiration to strike. (Which it does hours later when you're in the bath and have nothing to write it down on.) Someone really ought to write a doodle pad add-in for Word.

    But I digress. You look good Lynn. No Elsa Lanchester white streak in your hair for Halloweeen then? Good to hear you pulled the smokey eye look off. You'll have to give tips. I end up somewhere between a panda and Alice Cooper.

    1. Nice quote, Susie. L'esprit de l'escalier? 😉 I remember an article about creativity in which folk shared their thoughts on what brought forth the muse. As you say, the shower, and also a bath or a walk. For me, Abby of those three can work, although there's a caveat of not rushing.

      If you've got one of those fancy Surface computers, they come with a digital pen. Using that with Word, Whiteboard, and/or OneNote is amazing. I think doodling is a very underrated skill as a brief doodle on a whiteboard or scrap of paper can help everyone build understanding together.

      Thanks for the kind words and, no, no Bride of Chamestein hair tweaks I'm afraid. I did toy with the idea of some spooky contact lens but price, time, and understanding put that whim to bed 🙂

      I can email the smokey eye tutorial that helped if you'd like that.

    2. Cheers Lynn. If 'le mot juste' comes to you too late while you're in the bath rather than on the stairs on the way out, would it be 'l'esprit du bain'?

    3. [slight shoulder shrug goes here] 😉

      Normans eh? They come over here, improve our cuisine, give us a judicial system, add to our vocabulary! Who do they think they are! 😉

  2. Just catching up with several weeks of your blog, dear Lynn, because of internet problems. You look lovely as ever and I'm glad that Chams is getting good support. Also glad you've found some quality tights. I have a passion for tights and object to pairs that are scratchy or fit badly for no valid reason. Wishing you a lovely autumn. Sue x

    1. Sorry to hear about your Internet issues, Sue. I hope they are now sorted or in the process of being resolved.

      Yes, the extra help to Chams makes all the difference and while we're minority, I think the benefits range much wider that the two dozen or so folk to attend. As much as we move that attending "keeps us sane" I think there may be more than a touch of gallows humour in there 🙂

      I hope you're settling in nicely and the autumn weather is being kind to you. L x

  3. I know the feeling when you stare at a screen or piece of paper and have no idea of what you want to say! I find you just have to jump in and just start writing, with modern tech, it's no problem if what you have written is rubbish, you can easily change it. I find when I get going it all seems to fall into place!

    You look fabulous in the photo! It seems you have every thing on track at Chams, and well done with the smoky eye, I have done it once or twice but still struggling to get it right! So allseeds to be going well!

    1. Yes, the old trick of key bashing at the keys 🙂 That works for me as well. It's as if getting into your stride somehow helps the thoughts align and the blockade is broken.

      Thanks for the kind words re the outfit. I wasn't 100% sure about the fishnets, but it's Halloween. Well, nearly. The Chams situation is a work in progress and quite the team effort to keep things going.

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