When little things add up and it all goes well


I’ve a couple of reasons to have a spring in my step as the working week closes. Well, other I’m not at work. 🙂

Firstly, Little Miss will be another year older and she grows cooler, smarter, and a little more deadly every day. She certainly doesn’t take any crap, and she’s kept her caring side. This will be her last year of primary school too. As with Wee Man, I’m proud of who she is and the choices she makes.

So other things? By some luck I found a gap in the calendar to do a spot of needlecraft during the week. It came about as it would be easier to stay at home for an hour, with there, and then head into town for an appointment. With Zero Inbox achieved I finally got around to adjusting some trousers I’d bought in the sale.

Going back a few months, I bought some slim fit black trousers (ladies, natch) in the sale. Now, I know some trans folk (certainly MTF) really don’t like the idea of them. But, for me, trousers or jeans are fine provided they have the right fit and feel. I wouldn’t do boyfriend jeans because they feel too much like my go-to work jeans, but skinny or very loose, and I’m fine. So it is with what I’d call posh or office trousers: they have to feel right and look the part, otherwise, I just walk on by.

But said black troos were not cropped – as is the fashion – and I do like the look of said cut. Well, a brief try on, snip-snip with the scissors, and running the iron over some Instaweb; all was sorted.

Well, okay, and to be honest, I told myself cut once measure twice. I’m sure my woodwork teacher Mr Stanley would be proud. Well, maybe 🙂 Thing was, as I double checked the line, I moved to cut and as the scissors snipped, I realised I’d cut in the wrong place.

Bugger. 🙂

Ah well, they are now a little shorter than before, but no harm done! I was very pleased with the look of them come Thursday night.  Much as office clothing for women often seems quite subdued, I find it easier to find things that work for me. Perhaps being somewhere between X and Y, I can mostly understand those choices. That or I don’t have the experience of mix & match when it comes to patterns and separates. Saying that the Ever Lovely Mrs J doesn’t do that either, and I think she looks great.

Still, when it all goes well, I think it’s best not to look for fault, bit just to enjoy Oh, and my increase in lunchtime walks and swapping a sarnie for fruit, that has helped shift the weight so I can now get back into a favourite skirt of mine. Val was kind enough to provide her photographic assistance for a second run of snaps. Thanks, Mrs!

Talking of Thursday at Chameleons we had a minute’s silence as a mart of respect for the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Yes, we were late, and no, we weren’t out in public, but we do what we can where we can. A quiet word of support, a challenge to unfriendly trans/sexist comments, and whatnot. Plus, some of us do get out and, well, we just get on with our day. That might not be a big political statement, but I do think that these small acts of the everyday are how you help drive change. Maybe, and despite what some politicians are trying, we will be just part of the everyday. 

In less sombre news, we’ve now planned the Xmas Party, so I think we are very much on a wind down towards Christmas. Fingers crossed eh?

Take care,


    1. Yes, hooray indeed! Certainly a better result than the coated jeans (too baggy) and 70s barely there sandals (too wide).

      Thanks for the kind words and the pose to supposed to minimise the risk of Ogre's Knee.

      Let's hope that's not something weird from the Interwebz 😀

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