Accepting and not reacting


I’m not 100% sure how to start this one, so I shall go with the usual tried and tested method of typing sh** that comes direct from my brain, into this small white square and see where it takes us. For those of you with paint to watch dry or busy-busy lives to lead, why are you here? 🙂

This week has been…. complicated. Complicated by a not fully pleasant cocktail of conflict, tiredness, and a bit too much on at work. The latter is my own fault for jamming a lot in to the week and being out of the office quite a bit. Now, usually, that’s not a massive issue, and indeed, if anything, I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing what they’ve got to say.

Perhaps it is a hangover (not literally) from last week and I’m still not back to my usual self. You know, the confused, slightly tubby Dad with two wardrobes, a fast track to self-deprecating humour, and a fine line away from a wisecrack to a visit to HR. 🙂

But…. I think I have forgotten the following important philosophical teachings:

1. Most of this sh** don’t matter.
2. Don’t Panic
3. Remember – and be mindful – of the good times

In Life’s 24 hour rolling news come social media now now now, I think there’s a risk that we dwell too much on the moment and then spin out into what might be. While I think being mindful of what is happening – particularly if something good is happening – the future, and dare I sound like a good friend who runs meditation classes, is unknown.

With the above in mind and a half-finished pint in hand, perhaps taking time to think of the good things that have happened and are happening, I may be in a better mood in days to come. From a trans point of view I felt pretty good about my outfit on Thursday, we had a visit from TrendCo (hello Nicola & Steph), laughed about things, and had a good chat about life.

So, with half-term very much upon us, I’m going to kick back, enjoy what things come my way, and do my best to relax and just be.

Take care,


    1. Thank you Charlotte. Sometimes, I think it's the simple things. An 'easy' outfit of the colours you mention, as looking at things from a positive perspective.

      I could chuck in a good night with friends too.

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