Trouser trouble


The quest for a good pair of trousers continues. Buying clothes when you’ve two wardrobes is an odd experience.

What I mean is, when it comes to bloke’s troos, there’s a few basic rules: long enough, wide enough, and do they suit? If you’re young and hip you don’t want dad jeans, and if you’re a dad, you don’t want dad trousers either. 😉 Well, at least not obviously.

With women’s trousers, there’s a myriad of styles, sizes, and lengths, that seem to come and go so quickly. The size thing is particularly troublesome. From Shop A, the 16s were the right length, but just the wrong side of tight on my waist. The size 18 pair from Shop B was too long (despite being cropped) and even with a belt, too wide. Sigh…. 🙂

As a simple brained trans-something-or-other, I think I get why women take so much time shopping. Sure, some may like it, some may hate it, but whichever it is, it ain’t easy!

So no, I don’t complain when the Ever Lovely Mrs J takes umpteen minutes in the charging room and comes out empty handed.

Oh, and I think I get why leggings are so popular 😀

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  1. What can I say, even comparing Shop A Brand A to Shop A Brand A across sizes.

    I love Lindy Bop / British Retro / Lady V etc dresses. But each dress has it's own size, and they can differ so much all web sites list the measurement for each dress / each size.

    And even then… 10 = 76cm waist, 12 = 79cm, 14 = 84cm, 16 = 90. WTF! 3cm, 5cm and then 6cm between sizes. So either 'I can't breath' tight, or I could get in here twice loose…

    If I wan't so addicted to the dresses I would give up! 😀



    1. What were we thinking? Hoping that a 16 would be the same in different stores? 😉

      So, dresses… Fine on the hips, but not the bust, as vice versa.

      I guess it's a case of just shopping around until you're lucky. That or sticking with a brand that you know fits. 😀

  2. Re your comment on dad jeans, I actually have a couple of pairs of literal dad jeans! When my father passed away, my mother found a couple of pairs of new blue denim jeans he'd bought but never really got around to wearing (maybe because with his cancer and the treatments he underwent to try and beat it, his weight went up and down like a yo-yo). She asked me if I'd be interested in wearing them, to which I said, "Yeah, why not?" which was how I came into possession of them. I ended up getting quite a lot of wear out of each pair before they sadly went the way of all other denim jeans I've ever had and started getting holes in them (always in the most embarrassing places first, of course!). That said, I've not thrown them out, for hopefully obvious reasons.

    I hear you about the confusing sizes of women's trousers (and clothing in general); from my own experiences with that sort of thing, I've come to conclude that there's really no logic behind the way women's clothing is sized. Finding clothing that fits just right is also something I've often had a problem with, though I've found that it hasn't just been limited to women's clothing. Indeed, way back during my school days, I remember my mother frequently lamenting on how hard it was to find school trousers that fit me. It seems manufacturers assume that everyone has the same narrow set of physical dimensions, and that if you don't fit them, too bad!

    1. There's dad jeans and there's the jeans of your Dad. The two are not, IMHO, necessarily the same.

      Given today's tech, I wonder if there's some odd laser scanner or robot mannequin that you could pop the clothes on, and create your own sizing system? That would be useful.

  3. All my jeans are "women's" jeans. I buy them according to waist and leg. Sometimes they're 14, sometimes 16. Sometimes I have to turn them up. But mostly they fit fine. Not sure that's really much help, is it.

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