Freedom in movement


I was in a cafe the other day and one of my favourite pop songs came on. For a moment I was – as the lyric goes – lost in music. While I don’t listen to as much new stuff as I used to, music is still something that moves me.

The right tune summons memories long thought lost and there are times when I’ve found myself deeply moved by certain lyrics. Yeah, this jaded heart of mine still beats 😉 But, for me at least, the dance floor is where I find freedom. I do know I need to ‘dial it down’ a bit when in Richard mode, but on a trans night out, there’s no such bar.

On those rare nights out – either at Chams, or rarely still, in the real world – I’m free to move as I want. The music takes me away and if only for a night, nothing else matters except the moment to express myself in the joy of being able to dance freely.

Happy memories eh? So is this true for you? Is there a special number that you can’t keep your feet still to?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean Lynn!
    For me, three nights of disco at the Transliving weekends has got to be one of the highs of my year.

    Fav rav: Dancing Queen – Abba
    Cliche? Moi? Mais bien sur! 🙂


  2. I have this in the office. When using headphones to block out the open office and listening to something that talks me to I get my colleagues laughing at me (in a good way) by the fact that I'm coding and dancing at the same time. Even better, we have desks that you can raise so I can stand and dance whilst working (thankfully I am not the only one guilty of that in the office…)

    And, just as thankfully, it can be to such a wide range of things. From modern music (I now sound really old…), to things from 70 years ago and lots in between. We've even had Disney karaoke with the whole team before now. Best thing there is that we have two singers in our team who can drown me out so I can join in 🙂


    1. Dancing, or even simple movent, is great for you, I think. We can spend so much time slumped in office chairs, that I feel we neglect most of us except the thinking bit upstairs. Although, even that's optional in certain circles. Drawing breath, drawing a wage 😉

      I wonder if keeping moving helps you code? There's a thought.

      The Disney Karaoke sounds a hoot!

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