Christmas Wishes


Well, what a great night last night was. Somehow, it all came together, and we had a grand old time. There was much laughter, plenty of smiles, sharing food & drink, plus dancing, and, well, being there for each other.

I had, perhaps somewhat pointlessly, been worrying about making the Chams Christmas Party just so. I don’t know if it was because it was our last meeting of the year, or if I just wanted our lovely lot to get a good night as all of themselves.

A little more fancy than plain tables

With a few internet orders and a dash into the local pound shop in town. I was fixed for tablecloths, e-candles, and plastic cutlery. After a Laura’s kind offer to do the disco, things started to be sorted. At that point, I felt that I was mostly on top of it, and all that remained was for the guests – and food – to arrive. Trust me, the Chams folk know how to cater! We’re never short of nibbles when it comes to a Christmas Do. 🙂 Indeed, I think we’ll need to check our cupboard as Val reports we’ve quite a few paper plates and whatnot stashed away. 🙂

I managed to arrive at the Centre early for me. After some shuffling of tables & chairs, I think the layout was about there. It’s not exactly The Ritz, but every little helps!

Did you forget your
skirt, Miss Jones?

I’d packed three outfits, but I was hoping my sequin number of yesteryear would still work. It’s funny that that combination had made me feel very special, so I was hoping to re-run the joy of that outfit. As last time, I forgot how short the skirt is compared to what I usually wear, but people were kind enough to only say nice things. Clearly hanging on the blackmail negatives is the right way to ensure compliments. 🙂

While getting changed a new trans-guy turned up, so we had a chat while the upstairs club piled on the slap. I’ll keep his anonymity and I hope he makes it to another meeting. So much of what he had to say paralleled what ‘FTM’ people say; just the other way around, if that makes sense. More on that another time perhaps.

The evening itself…. Well, we had a full house with about 36 of us with new folk, regulars, and some old friends. Lovely to see Sandi & Tracey back (previous organisers) and the naughty so-and-so’s gifted me with a lovely card and a bottle of wine. Not having expected them, I did not have anything to reciprocate. Still, I think I have their address about.

Talking of surprise gifts, those lovely ladies over at TrendCo had planned to pop by to see us. However, I got an email that due to other commitments, they couldn’t but they had something for the group. This time I was prepared with a card and chocolates….. Only to find they’d gifted us a bottle of fizz for each of the organisers, some cards, and a cute Christmas card. Still, it’s not a competition, and I hope they got the message that we’re incredibly grateful for their support and help they offer the group. If you’re not far from Nottingham. TrendCo offer the most fantastic customer service when it comes to wigs.

On another note, I had a number of very lovely chats with a few people, but as per, time ran away with me, and I didn’t get to sit down and chat to everyone I’d hoped to. Apologies to all those involved!

With so many people ‘in da house’, my Christmas Wish to have a photo of the group came true. For privacy reasons, I won’t be publishing it on-line. Instead, I’ll keep a copy backed up somewhere safe, so we can look back in years to come. It lets us see how we’ve changed as a group: who’s new, who’s been here a while, and sometimes, by the absences, who no longer visits. With the latter, much as it’s bittersweet to see people go, if they’re going on to be themselves and happy, really, that’s the purpose of the group.

With the disco pumping in the bar area, I did manage a few dances towards the end of the night. I love to dance. There’s something about the freedom of movement, being lost in the music, and simply just enjoying the moment for what it is. I’m like this in Richard or Lynn mode; the only difference with the latter is I don’t have to ‘dial it down’ when I start to move. Embarrassing parents eh? 🙂

I’m certainly feeling the odd twinge in my feet today. Still, a fine time with great people sometimes comes at a slight cost. 🙂

Take care,


    1. A happy post indeed, Sue. For me, the spot on mix of people, music, food, laughs, and, mais oui, an outfit that makes you feel fab.

      Merry Christmas, Mrs ♥️

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