The right type of break


I’ve had a week away from work, and as the Bank of Jones is feeling a little less full that we’d like, we’ve had a staycation. .Cue much parenting and trips out, which have all been a jolly good hoot, with many happy memories. Now that Little Miss and Wee Man are growing up, the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I give them the option around joining us on a dog walk. Given the choice between a comfy sofa, YouTube/gaming, and exercise; the kids stay at home.

Provided they get some exercise, I’m kinda cool with this. I think it lets them build up trust and responsibility in taking care of themselves, and to an extent, each other. We’re not dragging them out, and this also means the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I get some time away to talk. Or, as it is when enjoying the countryside air, not talking, but just enjoying each other’s company and great views.

With us being at home, I didn’t miss Chameleons last night, which is always a blessing. With it being close to Halloween, I went a bit goth-glam, and dialed things up with killer heels, bling earrings, false eyelashes, and yesteryear’s fancy tights. Makup-wise, the new slap from Boots worked a treat, and the advice on lipstick worked out too. The Clinique was spot on in terms of colour match and just the right level of coverage. Oh happy days! A few people were kind enough to say some nice things about my fancy tights.

Talking of heels, I read a tip over on Pinterest about making heels more comfy than killer. No, not sawing off the heel – GET OUT YOU HEATHEN! 🙂 That’ll just give you jester feet, and that’s not been a good look since the medieval period. 😛 No, the tip – which I then Googled to see if any bloggers had tried it – was to tape your third and forth toes together. Hint: big toe is number one, and feel free to insert a joke about people from Innsmouth and/or The Fens at this point 😉

So, why do it? Well, the idea is that this somehow helps the pain away by removing some of the pressure from little piggies three and four. It didn’t make my toes numb, nor hinder circulation. Whatever the true science is behind this, I don’t know, but it did seem to work for me. Yes, I did feel my big toe complain towards the end of the night, but that’s by far and away an improvement from the level of ouch from our StartUp session back in September. Come the next day, and I’ve been out and about walking the dogs, I’ve not felt a twinge of pain at all. Interesting! If you do give this a go, please do let me know how you get on.

Towards the end of the night, our transguys approached me and asked about the photo on the Chameleons’ site. They (politely) said that it made the group look very trans-female only, which I won’t disagree with. I did say that the snap is at least 8 years old or so, and we’ve struggled to get a replacement. It’s a combination of a lack of volunteers and getting a snap good enough to replace it.

But, as ever, the Chams Massive are stepping up to the challenge, and I’m hopeful that we’ll manage to make some type of collage / mini portrait gallery, so we can make things more inclusive. In the interim, I’ve swapped the old snap for some stock art of four people – two women, two chaps – in some sort of team fist bump. It ain’t perfect, but it’ll do. Hmm, that reminds me of my make-up attempts 🙂

Happy Halloween for next week. I’m off to clean up the mess from the kids’ pumpkin carving.

Take care,

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