The other day I was talking with a mate about bikes. While the weather’s been in a good mood – not too hot, not too wet, etc – I’ve been cycling between meetings. I should clarify by saying I cycle between sites. Apparently, it’s frowned upon to pop a wheelie as you hit the corridor. It startles some of the sleeping staff. 🙂

So, H said that being a fairly keen commuter cyclist, that he’s – and to use his own words – a bit of a tool tart. That’s not a phrase I’d heard before, and it made me chuckle. My Dad would probably use the words Gadget Monster, but that has different and possibly Godzilla style connotations. 🙂 Tools, meh. But shoes or the ideal mascara? Now you’re talking!

I’ll leave you to generate your own alliteration to cover those words. 🙂

But, before I sign off, riddle me this: do we all have a thing we like to collect? I know not everyone is defined by material gubbins, but is it the gadget or the experience that we’re chasing?

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  1. Collecting gives the impression of something planned and organised, like stamps or coins. Instead I accumulate, the two main culprits being books (part of the legacy of being a one time book reviewer) and pens. I can't resist picking up pens, and I always have to have two or three within easy reach at all times.

    1. Ah yes, being organised. I've heard some people do this. Do you know if it works or not? I've not really tried it. 🙂

      As to books, the Ever Lovely Mrs J's love of books meant she was an early Kindle user. It was that, or an extension to the house.

      Pens, tho. Rarely is there one to hand. They seem to go missing! Is there much finer than a new notebook and a cool pen?

    2. I still do occasionally, for a small private writing group, but I used to review (and edit) for a small press magazine though the 90s and 2000s until it started to become a chore rather than a hobby.

    3. Yes, the lack of fun will indeed kill that interest. A similar comment was made by one of Mrs J's book loving friends.

      Are you still blogging, BTW?

    4. Put me down as another great "accumulator" of books – much of the floor space in one of the rooms of the place where I'm living is taken up by great teetering piles of the things (and that's in addition to two large bookcases full of them!). It doesn't help that my local library is always getting rid of old books (actually, it can get a bit depressing to see how many they do get rid of – some of them aren't that old either!), which it offers for sale at (usually) ridiculously low prices. Sometimes, I'll even buy ones I've already borrowed and read, just to give them a good home!

      I'm always paying visits to my local bookstores too, which is a "bad" habit I keep telling myself I need to give up. It doesn't help that I find all sorts of books interesting; indeed, it's probably more unusual for me to see a book and think, "I am not remotely interested in reading that!" (though there have been a few that have elicited such a reaction from me over the years).

    5. I've lost track of the books – and CDs – that I've bought only to discover I already have a copy. But sometimes, like you Zos,I will buy a book I know I already have because it's a nicer edition or copy, or I know someone I can give it to who will appreciate it too.

      I haven't blogged for so long, Lynn. It must be nearly 18 months now. I'm not entirely sure why I stopped. Partly I felt I had run out of things to say that weren't retreading the same old ground and therefore weren't actually helpful to me or anybody else.

    6. Yeah, the blogging thing can be a bit.. 'meh' sometimes. If you're looping around one subject, it may not be helpful. Maybe stopping is the right thing. That or only blogging about stuff you enjoy or that makes a memory.

  2. Books, hundreds of books!

    And 50s swing dresses…

    And gadgets, but that's more that I always think I can re-use and old gadget, but never get around to it:)


    1. Books FTW. They take up room, yes, but they do make a bookcase look fantastic.

      I've had to be tough and pass on half-fixed gadgets for recycling. A work-mate who's a dab hand at that type of thing, he's now got Wee Man's old Bluetooth headphones (needs a new USB jack) to fix for his old son.

      Not going to comment on your utterly fabulous collection of 50s dresses! 😀

  3. Cycling between meetings? Sounds like a great excuse for shaving those legs! 🙂

    Diane x

  4. I can't cope with gadgets. That's where I most resemble a woman (to be sexist about it. Tsk! just like a man to say that! Gah! curse this transgender brain!) But I am a helpless collector of tights. Yes, systematic, too: I will get the same brand/type but in different shades. Or the hold-up version, too. And they are all kept neatly in their original packaging after washing. It's possible that in a past life I may have been a millipede. Sue x

    1. Sue, get help sweetie 😉 Cheap jokes aside, I feel your pain…. only it's black heels in my case. I do try to not buy unless they are replacing old ones. Still on the lookout for some cute ballerina pumps tho 🙂

  5. While I'm not a great one for tools now, I was fascinated with them as a kid*, and even had a few toy ones to play with. Also, whenever I visit one of the big hardware chain stores here to get something of a practical nature, I can't help but be blown away by all the tools on display (and in so many sizes and colours too!), and feel something of my old love for them returning.

    Over the years, I've amassed impressive collections of quite a few things, though like Susie Jay, I tend to unconsciously accumulate them, rather than consciously seek them out. One of the more unusual things I've found myself collecting has been stuffed toys, which I now have a disturbing number of. I even find myself giving them names and making up crazy stories about them!

    *As I was earthmoving equipment, trains, and military machines. Yeah, I think I need to hand in my T-card!

    1. The tool stands in certain stores are quite cultish, IMHO. The special racking, certain lights, as in certain situations, music and film.

      You wouldn't get that at a makeup counter… Oh, wait 🙂

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