Living in a box


How are you all? Me? I’m well rested after a week away from the red tape machines and alpha male yelling. Funny what seven days of late nights, late mornings, regular dog walks and just general chill out time, can do for a person, eh? 🙂

The Jones Massive were holed up in a little property in the Lakes. For non-UK readers, the Lakes is in the North West of England, and is both beautiful and mountainous (as much as the UK does mountains).

Our property for the week was a mid-terrace affair, with a room for each of the kids and one for us. It was an updated Victorian property (so an extension at the rear for a kitchen, and the loft space had a bedroom in it). Ignoring the kitchen and loft conversion, it was two rooms per floor and no basement. Oddly, a few of the houses on other streets still had theirs. Personally, I find some charm in a basement room that looks up to the street, but maybe it’s novelty. That, or I’m just odd 🙂

Funny thing is, it’s not a dissimilar design from many houses in Nottingham. It got me thinking what it would be like to live in such a building all of the time. Perhaps the Jones Crew, and particularly myself, are spoiled with our rural retreat. Sure, we don’t have a good bus service, gas or fast broadband. But, we do have quiet, space and a big-ish garden.

With space, comes privacy. Take right now for example. I’m sat at my little desk at the back of the house, typing away to complete strangers. Well, some strangers. At the Lakes’ holiday home, I would not have had the space to do that. That would really make it a challenge for my own privacy.

Would that drive me being out more, or would I need to come up with alternatives? There’s a thought. Still, let’s hear it for the good fortune of a space to be me – thought-wise – and room for my all of my trans trappings.

Take care,


  1. We are wonderfully spoiled for inside space. The previous owners knocked two bedrooms through into one making a gigantic space to chill, the loft conversion works as our study / library / guest room / dumping ground and the little dude has the original master bedroom as his nursery.

    When I compare it to some of the places you see on homes under the hammer et al I do wonder just how you are supposed to live there full time – which makes me feel very spoiled!!

    Glad you had fun at the lakes, I would love to visit more often, the scenery is breath taking, but alas it is a little too far to travel to regularly 🙂


    1. That sounds beautiful, Stace. I'm with you on some homes being, well, just so pokey. I guess that's the benefit of an older property: bigger rooms and space to work with.

      Yes, The Lakes are beautiful, but such a pain to get to! 🙂

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