The right kind of weird


Last month the Jones Massive were out for a meal with some old friends, who were visiting from overseas. There was much merriment, hugs, great food and talk about families, getting old, jobs and, of course, the state of the world. Don’t worry, I shan’t go in to the latter. I’m sure you have your own world views, just as I do.

Midway through the meal, B turned to me and said: “You the best thing about meeting up after all these years? You all get my sense of humour. I don’t feel weird with you folks. We can pick up pretty much as if no time as passed.

Usually, this would cause a Brit to do one of two things: one, make a glib comment to defuse the possibility of actual emotion; or two, make their excuses and run for the hills 😉

Luckily, neither of those things happened. Instead, and B added: “It’s not like no-one understands me. It’s more like I’m fine, so long as I stay on the well trodden path. If I go off on a curve, like I do with you guys. I’m left with an awkward silence…. It’s like, it’s like I’m wearing a mask, watching what I say to who.

I nodded, took a large swig of beer and answered: “Yeah, I know what you mean.” 🙂


So, dear reader, maybe it’s not just us weird trans* folk who have to wear masks. Maybe it’s those weird nice people who we’re lucky enough to have as friends. Maybe, so long as their weird is okay with your weird, it’s all Cool & The Gang.

Maybe the best thing about knowing you and your friends are weird, is that none of you need the masks any more. You can drop them at the door, with a welcome sigh and a big smile. After all, we’re all strange here 😉

So, here’s to good friends and the warm glow of belonging. May the weekend be kind to you.

Take care,


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