It’s a late post tonight, due to some technical issues. Funny how your world adjusts to depend on technology eh? Whatever the underlying problem is, I’m hoping it’s cleared before the kids get up tomorrow. 🙂

Trans wise, this is a quiet week for me, as it’s a gap between the last Chams meeting, and the one next time. The Ever Lovely Mrs J ordered some very nice 50s style dresses last week. They’re for her to wear at the evening meal, during the conference next month. I really like that style, and it really suits Mrs J too. And yes, I did say. For me, it seems best with a bare leg, if you get my drift, which may be a little tricky. Still, focusing on the positive, it means you have to work around the issue, so it’s not the end of the world.

It’s odd, some days, the photo I see on this blog, or social media, it’s so very different from my everyday look. I guess it’s that old cliché: it’s all cool, except when it isn’t 🙂  I think the hardest part, is avoiding joining in, when female friends, or work colleagues discuss fashion, or, shall we say, less typically male, topics of conversation. Still, I hope that makes me a good listener, rather than a mansplainer….. which I may well be doing now 😉

I’ve been trying my hand at writing again. Not blogging, but a story. I’m taking a break, as I’ve rather foolishly written myself into a corner, so to speak. I think a good, strong cup of tea and some time to plan, may rescue things. I’m also trying not to put myself under pressure to rush it. I think I may need to sum to complete the key scenes and then fill in, with connecting events. Fingers crossed eh?

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  1. You write so well, it would be great to see some of your stories – are you going to treat us to some on your blog?

    At some point you should ask for a one off dispensation to shave your legs so you can do a 1950s dress? Maybe Christmas so its not the Summer shorts weather? Just make sure the heating is turned up at the Chams Christmas party?

    It might be a cliche, but its all cool, except when it isn't is exactly how I feel too. Trouble is the 'when it isn't' is happening all to frequently these days… x

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Rhi. Not sure about sharing the writing just yet. I think I will when I get to grips with the style, if that makes sense.

      Yeah, tried the 'special event' card, and that was the Xmas before last. It didn't go down well, so I've backed away from it. I understand why and I get Mrs J's point of view. There is two of us in this relationship, do to speak.

      Sorry to hear the frequency of "it isn't". I hope that picks up soon.

    2. I can understand backing off – given that she's not completely against, that is worth cultivating and compromising. I'm going for a full wax this week and just have to hide it! Don't think Mrs Rhiannon pays much attention any more.

      It will pick up soon, I'm pushing at least one day this week and a few the week after.

      Still keen to get to Chams – are they still going to the pub afterwards? Are you still joining them? x

    3. Full wax. That's both an 'Ooo, lucky you' and 'oww! lucky you (sarcasm)' 🙂 It's on my bucket list 😀

      Fingers crossed there's more good, than bad. As to Chams, our pub visits have ceased and have been that way for two, maybe three years. Sam, Maddie and Sophie have moved on, and with Yours Truly holding the keys to lock up, it doesn't quite fit in. Twas good while it lasted, but all things have there time. 🙂 Be good to see you, if you managed to get this way.

  2. It's a late post tonight, due to some technical issues. Funny how your world adjusts to depend on technology eh?

    Indeed. I find my own reliance on technology is never so evident as it is when there's a rotten [expletive] power outage, and I realize that until the electricity comes back on, there's bugger all I can do.

    What kind of story are you writing, if I can be so bold as to ask? I hope you manage to resolve the problems you're having with it – one thing I find happening far too often with my own writing is having a brilliant idea, getting it all down and fleshing it all out, and then realizing I've created a massive plot hole, one that should've been obvious from the outset! Grrr.

    1. Ah, the dreaded power cut. Break out the candles, books and boardgames! 🙂

      Story? I've sort of got two on the go. One decidedly sci-fi, which I've got a good, as in strong, thought around how it should run. The other one is a rewrite of a trans story I wrote over 10 years ago. They're both stalled, for the reason you mentioned about plot. I think I should probably plan more. 🙂

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