In an effort to get a little more exercise, and to get our two lovely dogs to be a bit calmer, in the evenings, I took them out on a walk through the local countryside. Sure, we may not have a regular bus service, any local shop and the Internet connectivity could be a little zippier. But, the scenery sure is nice. Nothing but fields, rolling hills and woodland. Yay for autumn. Cool weather, the leaves begin to turn and we begin the slow trip through monthly celebrations, as we move to Christmas. All, reasons to be thankful.

The wood now has had a new public footpath put in, so we’re legally free to wander through, and down across the field to the nearby bridleway. It takes about an hour, if you take the long route. It’s not a bad view over to Nottingham, either. On a dark night, the city lights give an interesting break between the rural and the urban. Personally, I try not to be out after dark, mainly for the reason that it’s pitch black once you get under the trees and I’ve never been one for liking falling in the mud. 🙂


Bah, can’t make out my
patterned tights. Oh well!

I had a new skater skirt, which I’d found in the sales from Tall Girls. A bargain when I saw what it had been reduced to. Whenever I order from them, I have a wry smile, wondering how many of their customers run two wardrobes. Although, I very much doubt they’re bothered. A sale, is a sale.

Talking of second wardrobes, I finally got around to having a tidy up. Out went the work related paper and shopping bags. I shifted some old clothes to charity and I gifted the Ever Lovely Mrs J with two new pairs of ballet pumps. One grey pair, which she loves and a sparkly gold pair, that made her laugh. Perfect for work dinners, apparently. Space in my cupboard and a happy wife, what’s not to like?

Eye Eye

I don’t know if I’ve been burning the candle, eating too much, or I’m just getting old; but my eyes were not in a good shape, Wednesday night. Sort of, well, droopy. Not great, Hooded I can cope with, but my eyelids almost folding up? Really not good. So, I had a quick look on the Internet and with my budget (and the NHS cuts), surgery is highly unlikely. That means, eating less and trying some eye exercises. It’s not as if the latter are taxing and I guess we’ll see if they make any difference.


Last night was Chameleons and as I drove over there, I found myself working towards an edge of nervous energy. I don’t know why I get this, I’m not sure I have anything to be nervous about. I mean, I know most people, and I think I’ve been going long enough, to take it in my stride. But, all those things aside, my tummy was fluttering a little. If it wasn’t nerves, was it excitement? Was I misreading it? I felt calm enough and I still don’t know, but I suppose when this all becomes just mundane and tedious, that’s the time to take a break and walk away. Which, I guess, is what happened over Summer.

The evening itself went very well and I mingled a bit more than I would do. I caught up with Melissa, who’d somehow managed to get herself featured on local radio. Apparently, she’d rung up to leave her views on some trans* related news and found herself on-air, talking with the presenter. It seemed to go so well, that she was interviewed and that was broadcast a little later. I wonder if the radio station have realised how much of this trans* stuff goes on.

We had some new visitors, including a make-up expert, who had come along with one of her trans* clients, for moral support. Monica was saying she wanted to get to know the group more, rather than just visit, advertise and leave. She said she had a background with working with the trans community and with a bit of luck, we’ll manage to fit her in, for some make-up advice, in the coming weeks.

The evening finished off nicely, with a few snaps with Val, who kindly stayed to have chat while I got changed and locked up. All in all, a very nice way to ease into the end to the week. Oh, I had a very nice birthday card from Sandy and Tracey, which was a really nice touch. I know they are away for the party, so I’ll have to plan something in return. Talking of planning, there’s the food to sort out. Jake, one of our trans-men, will be handling the music, so that’s off my list. With a bit of luck, a local wig retailer may visit on the same night. I could do with a new do, so I hope it all works out. Lots of things to look forward to. Fingers crossed eh?

Take care,


  1. I read this….

    "….kindly stayed to have chat while I got changed and locked up."

    …. as "I got chained and locked up"

    Sorry, it's been a long day and I'm tired 🙂

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