Breaking the dry spell


This, is very much the life. I’ve had the luxury of a week off at home. I appreciate that may sound sarcastic, and in many ways, that’s my default tone. One of continual dry humour, but honestly, the Jones Family Staycation (apologies for anyone who dislikes portmanteaus), worked rather well. It’s not often you do the tourist thing in your local city.

We’ve visited some ruins, been on long walks in the woods, had some very nice lunches out and risked a family day out, ice skating. Me and sport go together like ham and bicycle clips. But, you do your best and try not to break anything, when you fall over. I’ve worn some, shall we say, impractical footwear, over the years, but ice skates take the prize. Tight and and loose in the wrong places. Pretty much like a bad pair of cheap opaques, I guess. 🙂

Chuck in some time for reading and a better diet (thanks to the Every Lovely Mrs J’s expert knowledge), and things are going well. All in all, reasons to be cheerful.


You may well recall me mentioning not being ‘in the mood’ for any trans stuff. Not that you can ever seemingly switch it fully off, but – and shall we say? – finding enough interest to express all aspects of my gender, was definitely lacking. Having written that line, I’m still not 100% behind it, but it sounds more in-depth than I couldn’t be a**ed to get dressed up. 🙂 Hell, it’s only been two months and a day, but who’s counting?

With my customary large travel bag packed, and two outfits within, off I went. It took me a while (as per), to get ready and part of that was a pause. I took a look in the mirror and wondered: just what on Earth am I doing? Perhaps just uncertainty calling, than any panic, but I felt decided confused, if not a little odd. Still, when in doubt: accessorise. 🙂

Thanks to Valtography

Skinny jeans, a borrow top and some Clinque CC cream worked their wonders. I skipped on the corset and the weight loss from the last holiday is still a work in progress. Getting there, mind, and gradual is probably the way to go.

Feet in my heels and I felt my posture change. That seems the second to last step, before the wig goes on and you’re finished. All that remains is a wry smile in the mirror and a quick thought of “that’ll do, Pig.” 🙂

Regular Folk

Once downstairs I said hi to the usual folk and took a seat. There was a chap on his own, so I struck up a conversation with him. I didn’t know who he was and thought he might be a first time visitor. Most people email before coming along, but some just turn up and fair play to them.

Turned out he was a carer for one of our regulars and not one of our number. Cue a few jokes about “Okay. Well no-one will try and convert you, although I did visit just to sort out the plumbing…. then it all got out of hand.” 🙂

Conversation drifted around various topics and one thing he said had me thinking long afterwards. The idea that the carer expected us to be a bit more flamboyant. He said he only had to go on what he’d seen on TV, or what had been covered in an old diversity training programme.

I think the better elements of the media do try. Sometimes, they get it right and I think we’re seeing things change for the better. There will always be a few voices; you know the sort: troll with an opinion column, or lazy editors. But, just as other discrimination is frowned up, lets hope things continue to move in the right direction for us trans folk.

Anyhoo, none of the above had really helped him decide, who we – we, being trans people – would be like. How would we behave, what would our ages be, our style of dress, what would we talk about, etc. Turns out, we’re just like ordinary folk, and I’m fine with that.

Mind you, it’s a good job the weather was bad, and we’d delayed the Wicker Man tribute. 😀

Take care,


  1. Indeed, the conversion process (temporary, nothing to do with the plumbing!) can be a bit gruesome. But as you say, the heels and the wig make the whole thing come together and it's hard not to smile.
    As for big gaps, I think having a holiday from anything makes it fresh when you come back.

    1. Change and a rest, and all that 🙂

      The getting changed part, I find it a strange emotional effect. Not disturbingly so, but I do start in very much bloke mode. Slowly, as the makeup goes on, the clothes and lastly the wig, things change. Not that I don't stop being a bloke, or perhaps a bloke (hopefully) well turned out, all things considered.

      Many years ago, I did take some snaps of before, during and after. I've yet to have the courage (or stupidity?) to post them online.

  2. I think that ice skates that you rent are the worst you can get. Kind of like the whole idea of one size fits no one 🙂

    I have a pair that Mrs Stace gave to me that are really comfy. Reinforced leather figure skates as opposed to plastic ice-hockey skates and the difference is unreal.

    Good luck with the diet (mine started again after my parents went home!) and the exercise (I'm currently running 5km per week with the little guy in his pushchair – that is helping!).


    1. Gah, one size clothing: tis the Devil's work! 🙂 I think I've had fluffy slippers that fit better.

      I don't think I'm quite full time (!!) enough for some leather figure skates. Leather figure corset, that's another story. 🙂 I guess it all depends if Little Miss develops a taste for skating. She's got horse riding on her list, for her birthday.

      5km? Larks. Will you get a GoPro and film as The Flying Mum? <3

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