Don’t panic, Jones


I had one of those heart-in-the-mouth panics the other day. Not from a Hannibal Lecter point of view, I should add. You know, when you’re having a takeaway pizza. You tip the delivery boy and he says “you’re all heart” and, well, things get out of hand. 🙂

No, not quite the trans panic either. You probably know the one. That cold jolt of fear than runs through your core. You’re just putting your lippy on and there’s a clunk of the front door shutting. Or you’re out and about in the day, and you spot someone you know who doesn’t know. Dum-dum-dummmm!

None of those. I had simply mislaid my car keys while out in town. I’d gone into town during my lunch to run some errands, what with it being Mother’s Day soon (at least the UK). While there, I popped in to New Look and bought some new heels. Well, the Dotty P ones are just not comfortable. I don’t know who designs their shoes, but the size eight is too small and the nine too big. New Look, who have slightly lower prices are spot on for me. Go figure. A wide fit size eight is perfect for me. At least, I know that now, having tried them on, as the shop was quiet and they won’t let you take shoes into the changing rooms. I wish they’d change that policy, but what can you do.

After completing my other collections (that’s the Every Lovely Mrs J sorted and her Mum too), I popped into M&S. It’s not usually a shop I buy things in. Not because there’s anything wrong with what they sell, but it’s not really on my radar. Anyway, after the last trip to Chameleons, where none of my skirts fit (goodbye size 14, it’s been… swell), I thought I’d pop in and see what they had. I had had my eye on a knee length skater skirt, that I’d seen on-line. A good hunt around the store and I found it in the reduced section…. and being a 16, was a much better fit. Nice to have that swishy feel to it, rather than the usual pencil or fitted look.

Purchasing new shoes and a new skirt put me up another notch, from an already buoyant mood. Things at work have been going well and the new job is, despite being busy and out of my comfort zone, refreshingly challenging and I get on well with my new boss. I’m aware that this could well go Pete Tong at any moment, but, like the beautiful Spring weather (cool, clear and still), you enjoy it while it lasts.

So, back to the car keys episode. My bloke coat has at least eight pockets in it and having stashed sunglasses and a hat, for some reason, I’d stashed my keys in the hidden inside pocket. That’s why I couldn’t find them. There I stood, thinking now, don’t panic. There’s no need to sprint around town. They will be hear somewhere. Yet in my mind’s eye – the bit that doesn’t always listen to me – I could see myself dashing from store to store. Had I dropped them? Ah, here’s where the CBT stuff comes in, I thought. Slow, deep breath and go through your pockets one at a time. Tissues, hanky, sunglasses, wallet, hat, list… Tap my pockets again. Clink-clink. Ah, the hidden inner pocket.

Panic over. Now, back to the car, an afternoon at work and then a night out with the girls. Chameleons went well and we had some new people visit. Another chance to hear someone’s story and other than offering a warm welcome, maybe offer some help and friendship.

Take care,

PS: Thanks to Val for the snap

PPS: Alexis, where’ve you gone? I hope all is okay.


  1. I had one of those moments recently too. Had met up with a friend for coffee at a pub out in the countryside at lunchtime. Both of us had driven there. Time to for me to head back to work and key weren't where normally put them in my bag. Rather than draw attention to myself in the pub emptying my entire bag we walked back to the cars, checking I'd not dropped them and then checking the car to make sure I'd not left them in the car.
    The idea of having to have a lift all the way back home to get the other set of keys and then all the way back was not a pleasant one.
    After emptying pretty much the entire contents the keys turned up inside the zipped pocket in my bag.
    Major relief 🙂

  2. The number of times I've franticly rooted through my bag/ pockets to try and find my ticket/ card/ fob/ etc are far too many to mention and its usually in the place i've already searched but missed first time round.

  3. Haha the amount of times ive done that. Usually my keys have a specific pocket they live in (I wear combats mostly, so I have a lot to choose from), and if I absent mindedly leave them in the wrong pocket, my pockets are usually the last place I look! 🙂

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