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It being half-term, at least, here in sunny and chilly Nottinghamshire, the Jones Massive have been away for a short break. Just along the road by an hour or so, for a rural getaway. I took great pleasure in switching my work phone off, and putting it in the draw. A holiday, for me, means a holiday and that means no work email or telephone calls. Not that anyone is likely to ring, I hasten to add, although making it easy would take the fun out of it 😉

Great views, even if you do get lost

We stopped over in north Derbyshire and although the weather was very chilly, the rain stayed away. Plenty of cloud, high and low, but, saints be praised, not a hint of Pink Fog. Reasons to be cheeful, eh? We managed a fair bit of walking – possibly more than we’d planned, as our collective direction sense isn’t great. It seems the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s map reading is very good, however, the vague notes of ‘turn left at the gate with three bars’ confuses, when there are two gates which match the description. Perhaps someone in the planning department has decided to add some fun into the walk. Hmmm 🙂

The break, all in all, was very good and quite probably just what the doctor would’ve ordered. It’s the first time I’ve been to that part of the world and I would recommend a walk in the peaks (with brolly and coat, just in case), should you get the chance. Talking of suitable attire, at one stop, I spotted a lady getting out of her car in heeled knee boots. To give her her due, they did have a heavy grip to go with the heel, so maybe she’s not in A&E still. 🙂

With Kindles fully loaded, the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I were stocked up on reading material, so there wasn’t much need to tap into the cottage’s collection of books. Most of the latter were biographies, which I’ve never really got into as a genre (except maybe Bill Hicks). There was, however, a Trinny and Suzanna book. Remember them? The gurus of What Not to Wear? Don’t get me wrong, I learned a few things from watching them, but if I’m honest, I preferred Gok’s take on how to dress. It felt less regimented and, to me at least, was more about bringing the best out of someone and coaxing them forward, rather than, and perhaps this is harsh, a fashion intervention.

Anyhoo, I had a flick through the book, which was a collection of dressing stereotypes. Corporate clone (200 shades of grey), mum on the run, schexy lady (hint: not dressed like that she isn’t 🙂 and others. Then, suggestions on how you can tweak your image, but (mostly) keep in the style you like. I don’t know what period the book was written, I’m guessing over 10 years, so there was a significant love of fishnets and a hatred of leggings. Now, I’m not saying leggings – or is it ‘yoga pants’, our American cousins say? – suit everyone. I think that when a leggings based outfit is done well, it works. That’s not to say one style suits all, although they are so easy to wear (albeit from the casual / lady next door end of the spectrum).

They have a YouTube channel and a website, should your interest be piqued. Part of me is curious to see what they recommend now and their view on current trends. No doubt there would be some wittily, scathing comment about modern fashions. Or, more dangerously, the well groomed eyebrow would raise slightly, as the Eyes of The Twosome fall upon my choices. Although, realistically, I think that’s highly unlikely and for that, I’m rather grateful. I have enough memories of poorly thought out, but highly hoped for outfits and iffy wig choices. It is any wonder so many of us stay in the closet? Psst: it’s better to get out, if you can.
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  1. Great to hear you've had a good week. I've had a week of full on gender dysphoria which has left me feeling quite exhausted. The one plus side has been how easy it's been getting into work due to all the parents been off for half term – so you've done your bit to help there.


    1. It was rather good to get away. Sorry to hear that you've been at the sharp end, in terms of dysphoria. That's bad news indeed. I hope things soon pick up.

  2. A free weekend and not having to be anywhere until Sunday evening should help me get in better shape for another week. But I certainly do need to get to a point where my weekends aren't just for recovering.

  3. Glad the rain stayed away for your holiday break and you managed to get a bit of walking done in such nice surroundings. We managed a day walking in the Lake District with drizzle throughout the day.

  4. It looks like a beautiful area, I do have a t&s books I picked up at a pound store, which I flicked through from time to time. As for leggings, they are a useful staple item for every women's wardrobe.

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