Not so much back to black


Am I glad it was pay day! The Jones Massive have nearly completely the Christmas shopping – yay, Interwebz! – and we will soon be moving on to the wrapping. By all that’s unholy, the mountain of wrapping… Yes, I know it’s not yet December, but we start early. Mainly to spread out the cost and also to avoid the seasonable comedy mess ups and risks of:

  • I’m not sure what I want 
  • The well loved (!) I’d quite like so-and-so, which you can’t get in the shops, or on-line
  • Nothing really…. Thanks, very helpful! 🙂
  • Spending each morning at the Post Office, queueing for a recorded delivery that has hidden itself at the back of the sorting office.
So, yes. For the sake of our collective sanity, we start work early… like any good project manager worth his, or her, salt would know. That said… I do need to get a few more things for the Ever Lovely Mrs J. 🙂
Acceptance Rocks
Talking of said lovely lady, while I was getting ready for my usual Thursday Night Out – by the way, I should add, I don’t mean slipping into some fabulous, just a wash and a don’t cut your face close shave. Where was I? Oh aye, talking. Yes, we had a chat about what was left to sort for Christmas and then my lovely wife offered me some of her unwanted earrings. Some were gifts that while very nice, where never quite her. The others, just ones she’s tired of. A quick dunk in the silver cleaning fluid and they were as good as new. Sure, pretty jewelry is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the acceptance.
Back to my roots
It being the Christmas season, I have snuck a few items into my shopping bag over the weeks. Some ‘day time’ false eye lashes, a shimmer stick (Boots) and some pre-glued false nails. The latter were on a 3-for-2 deal, so I effectively got them for free (yay). I should add that there’s a variety of sizes and they went on well. Certainly worth a punt given there are a few quid.
Maddy was also kind enough to post my old wig back – I know, the rock & roll lifestyle we lead eh? 🙂 – so I thought I’d give Old Ginge another spin. Dare I say, I felt very happy with the style and the colour. I think… I think that the cut helps with my jaw, whereas, much that I like the darker locks of my other wig, I think the ginger one is more flattering (as it’s wider).
Make-up wise, I was aimed for a bold lip, subtle eyes and the No 7 Shimmer stick worked well. It’s basically a fat lipstick, but for your cheeks and brow (I was careful there). When applied, you blend in carefully and it adds a summer glow to your complexion, rather than the matte look, we seem to get during the winter. So, pleased with that, but a complete and utter fail with the false eyelashes. I guess I must be doing something wrong, even though I gave the glue time to become tacky, still no dice with getting them on and to stay on. Any suggestions, ladies?
I decided on a new dress that I’d had in my wardrobe since spring and after the Ever Lovely Mrs J’s suggestion, went with some colour pop opaques. Yes, I did over-pack, because I always take a back-up outfit, just in case. I needn’t have, because I didn’t have second thoughts.
The evening itself went well and we had lots of new people come along. We also had a trans-man (or F2M person) come too, and I think that’ll be good as we have another regular F2M person. Sure, our paths are similar, but the journey’s not 100% the same.
As a warm-up for the Christmas Do and because I’ve got a key to lock up, I got the group’s photo backdrop out and took some snaps of the new folk. Hopefully they enjoyed that and it’ll make a change from the usual spot on the stairs. I think the lighting is better, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Tracey has offered to bring her fancy camera at the party and we’ll set up away from the main area. Sounds like a plan and I hope we can get a big group shot in, because it’s been a while since we had one and I like to get a photo of everyone who comes along.
Lastly, I visited a researcher at a local university and she’s coming to the end of finalising her work into releasing a survey on minority stress in our community. I think the findings could be interesting, but then I love that type of stuff.
Take care,


  1. Hi Lynn, really a nice outfit, suits you.
    I envy you in being able to do Christmas shopping this early. I usually get round to it in January, it's quieter then and funny enough things are cheaper as well. Mrs. A inherited some jewellery from my mother, which couldn't be worn due to Mrs.A not having her ears pierced. A couple of years ago she took the plunge and now her collection is growing at an unsettling rate. I think it will be a long time before I get the chance to follow her example. But there are some really lovely diamond earrings now in her collection, there only small holes aren't they? I can cover them with a little bit of makeup can't I? does it hurt? (sigh)

    1. Thank you, Abigale. One tries 😉 Actually, in this case, one had help from a far wiser person that Muggins here 🙂

      Yes, the post-Christmas price drop. I try to put off any big purchase – white goods, electricals, etc – until after the big day, for that very reason.

      As to ear piercing, I had mine done one at a time. If anyone asks – which they haven't – it's so you can swap side. Earring-wise, not anything else 😉 (Ed: that old chestnut again? 😛 ). I have noticed other men's ear lobes since having mine done. Most don't, although one of the developers had a row of holes up one ear lobe. I did wonder, although not enough to ask him, when he decided to stop wearing earrings. Although, it's a bit of a personal question.

      Does it hurt? No. Can you cover them up? Just don't bother.

  2. Congratulations on your Xmas efficiency – most impressive! Congratulations on yet another great photo and perfect outfit. And Congratulations for having got to a stage where your wife accepts, the group is flourishing and your jewellery collection is sparkling! Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. I hope that with the presents just about done, that we're on top of the situation. Just the Chams Xmas Party to get sorted out.

      Mrs J's acceptance has been around a while, but it is – if you pardon the clumsy gag – a gift that keeps on giving. Likewise, with Chams keeping going too (that is very much a team effort).

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