A gift of calmness


This morning I was late in for work, as I had an appointment at the local doctors’ surgery. Nothing serious mind, which is all good news. I was due to see said health profession at 9.30, which gave me half an hour to kill, after dropping Little Miss off at school. Wee Man has been away all this week and while there was a brief moment of ‘….and relax…’ as there was only one bedtime routine to do, I have missed him and the place wasn’t the same without him. Far too quiet and a distinct lack of family banter.

Where was I? Oh aye, post-school run. 🙂 With 30 minutes on my hands, I could have gone home for a bit (and worked remotely), or I could head into the village – okay, small town, more like – and potter about. Having done a number of lates at work, I decided on not working remotely.

Instead, I parked the car on the outskirts of the village, just off the road near a nature trail and wandered slowly through the old houses. I wasn’t in a rush, and although my new mobile works a treat at home, in the village itself, I don’t get any mobile Internet. This has, oddly, turned into a bit of a blessing. Freed of the want – and ability – to check t’Interwebz and anti-social media, I find myself doing most non-modern pass-times: looking at the world and doing very little. 🙂 In all honesty, I can thoroughly recommend this.

A wander along the road let me take in the different types of building, a pause by one that was listed as being 18th century. Yes, the village, like a lot of Britain is that old. I pass another of the local pubs I’ve not been in. Then, into the village cafe and then a very pleasant sit down with a hot chocolate. Again, no mobile signal and – thankfully – no TV blaring out. Just a view out of the window to watch the world go by and nothing to do until 9.25. No emails to check, no calls to make, no one to answer to: just me and some empty time.

I concentrate on the drink I have in the mug before me. The rich aroma, the taste, its heat as a swallow. There is no room for my mind to wander, just time dwelling on this. A food meditation, which like a breathing exercise, I seem to find quite calming [ seems I’m not alone in this ]

The time passes, I pay, say thanks and leave, before making my way to the quack new doctor. After that, I must go to work…. but let’s not take the quick route eh? There’s path back through a small wood and on such a lovely day as this, why not tarry a little? Be rude to waste the chance 😉

Take care,


  1. So 18th century of you… way to get in the moment. I'll agree it's good to get away from the tech for a bit, but I wouldn't give it up for the world. In fact, I would rather live farther in the future than this simplistic time, but unfortunately my time machine is broken and I have to wait until they invent Timeonium to fix it.

    1. The barn was something I'd walked by many times and never taken the time to read the history badge on. I did wonder why it looked like it did! 🙂

      I'm with you in finding tech useful to Get Things Done, although there are times when I don't want any distraction. I am quite happy in the moment, doing whatever I need to do, without any beeps and whistles to pester for attention.

      I too am out of Time Onions, so sadly, we will not be able to visit The Culture (as penned by the late,great I M Banks), which is a shame, because humanity seems to live a life of fun, filled frolics, rather than slogging away at a company until they give you a gold watch and a kick up the arse to get out of the door.

      BTW, the watch is plastic. 🙂

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