Gah. I’m so tired today. Little Miss has been kind enough to share her cold with me. It’s a strange thing about being a parent. Are kids’ immune systems better, or do they shrug off minor ailments as they’ve got too much stuff they want to do? Does the virus hone its attack due to the 50% DNA tip off it received from the last victim? That, or I’ve just got a man cold 😉

Talking of kids, Little Miss will be six years old this month. How quickly time passes…not that I remember all of her growing up, just fragments. Which, so I read, is how memory really works. A few key terms and your brain fills in the rest via imagination. Her cousin, who was a baby when the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I got married, will be sixteen in a few weeks. Sixteen! Ah, it doesn’t help if I put an exclamation mark after the word, it’s still a surprise 🙂 I wonder if it will as much a surprise when our two bundles of joy reach that age? Hmm.

So, not much to report on the trans front this time around. Chams is next week – and it’s the Xmas Do – and a friend has PM’d me saying she’d like to catch up. It has been a while, what with holidays and general stuff. I’m rather looking forward to a chat, ‘cos while Facebook is okay, it’s not the same as meeting up with a good friend.

At the last meeting, Sally from Glitz & Glam, was telling me about a gadget to help put false eye lashes on. Now, I’m a bloke and I do like a a gadget. 🙂 I had a quick look on Amazon and I’ve ordered one. It was a little over a quid and you can’t get a coffee at work for that. Not, that I buy drinks at work, I’m too in touch with my Scots DNA for that to take place 😉 Anyhoo, I’ll let you know how I get on. With a little luck, it – and another of Mrs J’s Xmas presents, will arrive shortly.

I’m off for a hot bath and a read of my book. If I have any more Hot Lemon Cold Relief drinks, I’m in danger of seeing the Matrix. 🙂

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  1. Ah, the joys of catching bugs from other people! It's something that happens with depressing regularity for me (I'm all but guaranteed to be laid low with a cold at least once a year), and it always annoys me when it does. It's not just the misery of having some rotten virus take over my body and turn it into a great big germ factory for several days that pisses me off, it's the fact that whenever that happens, it's an unwelcome reminder that if a real-life version of the Andromeda Strain were to sweep across the Earth, I probably wouldn't be one of the fortunate few who discovered they had an inexplicable immunity to the disease (as I like to think I would be), and who'd survive to help rebuild civilization; instead, I'd be just another rotting body in a gutter somewhere within a week or two of the pandemic breaking out (now there's a cheery thought)! Seriously, though, as I said, it's annoying. Some people's bodies really do seem able to repel all manner of microscopic groobies; mine rolls out the freaking WELCOME mat for them!

    I found your speculation that kids seem to get over illnesses far more quickly than adults do because they're too busy to be sick interesting, as I've found that it's been the opposite for me. When I was a child, I sometimes welcomed bouts of illness because they at least meant a few days off school; now that those days are (sadly) long behind me, I find I simply don't have time to be sick any more!

  2. Maybe some type of magic watch would help. "Today, your immune system prevented you catching the following illnesses you were exposed to." 🙂

    Andromeda Strain? There's something I've not heard of for a while. 🙂 Pass the Squeeze and lets go shoe shopping. I'm down to my last two hundred pairs.

    As to the kid thing, it seems the younger the child, the less they seem to want to give in and go to bed – but maybe that's just our two. 🙂 As Wee Man has grown up, you can tell when he's not well, as he'll take himself off to bed. If he's really not well, he won't be playing Minecraft on a tablet. 🙂

    Fingers crossed for a pathogen free Xmas!

  3. I try to avoid the drinks machine but from time to time a refreshing cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit is desperately called for.

    I've picked up many viruses from my darling nieces and nephews often about a week after they've sneezed on me and happily run around, followed by a trail of snot.

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