How time passes eh? Well, unless you’re waiting for a download, the kettle to boil or a politician to get to the point. 🙂

The Jones Massive have been away and returned. All went very well. Both The Ever Lovely Mrs J and the nippers enjoyed the holiday. Just a little cottage in the north; we’re easily pleased. In fact, the lack of wireless probably helped. I certainly caught up on my reading…. and eating. Maybe another week of watching what I eat and walking more, will be a good thing. Still, lip up, eh, fatty? 🙂

I’ll be honest with you and say not much is going on at the mo – at least, from a trans perspective. I am beginning to miss the lack of fabulosity (the new metric unit to measure fabulousness 😉 ), but it’ll be just a another week or so, before I’m back in the saddle…. or heels, more accurately. Quite looking forward to that, if I’m honest. It feels like a long month! 🙂 I have sort have kept my hand in, by watching a number of make-up videos (thank you YouTube vid makers!) and trying to learn from some of the transformation ones on the site too. A number of them are drag, which is cool, but not my thing. That’s not to say I can’t enjoy the talent many folk have and are willing to share.

Just before the holiday, Wee Man and Little Miss had a week away at my parents’ house. You know how it is with kids, they get all nervous about going and then when they arrive, they leave you for dust. Still, I’d rather have that, then have them upset. That left The Ever Lovely Mrs J and I with time on our hands. We did what most middle class couples do… no, the other thing! (mutters: mind like a sewer, some folk :-P)… which was book a posh restaurant, read and then try to do all the jobs we’d put off during the summer holidays.

That reminds me, talking of holidays, I was very grateful for Mrs J sorting out the holiday, so while I was in town on my tod, I dropped into one the local art gallery, just to see if there was anything that caught my eye. I did find something I thought she’d like, but I couldn’t decide on which colour to get. While I was deliberating, the shop assistant – a very pleasant young lady – and I got chatting. Mostly about accents, which is a pet love of mine, but we digress. I was asked if the item was for a birthday and I said no, just a thank you really. She made that ‘aww’ noise and then said I wish my boyfriend was like you. I said thank you and before I could shut my mouth, I heard myself saying, everyone says that until they see my shoe collection. Luckily, she laughed and the conversation moved on. Big mouth strikes again, as someone once sang. 🙂

I’ve had a look on-line for some local wig retailers, but I’ve not come up with much so far. I was sad to see that Natural Image in Debenhams has closed. The staff in there were really nice and I had all bar one of my wigs from them. Still, maybe it’s time to invite HotHair back to Chameleons. I think Pat was interested. I’m thinking of going a slightly darker colour. Fingers crossed I find something.

Take care,


    1. Hi Pan. No, I've not looked at that site. Thanks for the suggestion. I usually like to try on if possible, but I guess mail order (shows age) is a good a way to go as anything! At least there's no parking charges. 🙂

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Glad you had a nice hol.
    Being off-grid is definitely a bonus, though being able to google the location of the nearest M&S food store if you need to is handy. On our holiday the WiFi was terribly flaky in the room which prevented our daughter doing the teenager thing all day. (They develop an iPhone twitch, I have found…)
    Re wigs – yes, something has happened to the market. The place I got mine had evaporated too.

    1. 'iphone twitch' – LOL

      Yes, it's funny how used to using the Internet to find pretty much anything and also book things too. There were times when I'm sad to say, we were at a loss to finding places. Luckily, the car has a very good GPS and that has a search facility. Sure, it's a bit out of date, but once we'd worked out how to display shops, cashpoints, viewpoints and places to eat, we were quids in. 🙂

  2. While it takes getting used to I must admit that I grow to like not having any connectivity when away. I think that I would rather have no connectivity than poor connectivity – I find that so frustrating. You think you can connect, and then… Nope! 🙂

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