Don’t forget your game face.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J and Wee Man are currently away. One’s at Granny’s, the other’s away visiting friends. I hope I’ve got it the right way around. Otherwise, Wee Man’s in charge of the car and is holed up in a Travel Lodge spamming the free wireless. This leaves yours truly at home with Little Miss, so it’s been a very pleasant evening of Daddy / Daughter time. Making milkshakes, some colouring in, bath time and then a few stories as it’s bedtime.

Mrs J is very keen on bedtime stories and it is very rare that either of the kids will go to bed, without a chapter (or small book) before they turn in. I know I enjoying making different voices for characters, but more, I enjoy the looks of excitement on their faces as we get to a good bit. It’s been known for Wee Man to request another chapter because of a cliff hanger ending. Sometimes it can feel like a slog, but I think it’s picking the right book to read to them. Happy memories for them, I hope.

I guess in days of old, I would now be all femmed up – and I use that phrase ironically – although, I can’t quite muster the energy to do so. Not so much because I’m tired, or anything else, more, that I feel I don’t have to leap at these rare chances to indulge. No, with regular visits to Chameleons, it’s less of a panic to grab time. That said, I missed last night’s meeting due to a family party (Mr Jones Senior was eighty, bless ‘im) and it’s been a while, since I’ve managed a fancy outfit.

Perhaps that explained the strange turn of the mind, that occurred earlier in the week. I got out of the car and grabbed my bag from the back seat, before walking through the car park. So far, so normal. However, I found myself walking differently. Back straighter, head up, rather than the usual half mooch / shamble I manage. Despite wearing jeans and a shirt, my mind was telling me they didn’t feel like a man’s summer shirt and jeans….. go figure. Seems even my imagination is gender enhanced 😉

Was I acting up, channelling some feelings from within? I don’t know. All I can say, is that as I walked to the door, if I held my eyes shut – something I don’t recommend near stairs or in a car park 🙂 – is that I felt….. I felt as I did when I dress up. Something had clicked in my head and my walk, for want of a better word, felt like I’d switched on Lynn Mode. I know I carry myself differently when dressed, after all, it’s not the done thing to stomp along in heels or mooch about in a wrap dress. 🙂

Luckily, whatever brief sprinkling of transtastic magic dust evaporated as I put my hand on the door pull. A sign of game face on? Possibly, possibly not. I guess we’ll see. Perhaps a month plus of single genderism isn’t really me. 😉

Take care,


  1. Sounds like you're feeling comfortable with yourself: this is me and I like me and it isn't really about the clothes (though I like those too). Nice when that happens 🙂

    1. Yes, it was an odd, but not disconcerting feeling. Perhaps more is okay upstairs, than I'd imagined. 🙂

      The clothes are a part of it, but in recent months (years even?), the element of being yourself – not having to watch what you say, being able to be honest – seems more important.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    It's not just you!
    Sometimes I feel less bloke and more girl, despite the drab clothing. There's no harm in practising the walk!
    All the best,

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