I’m knackered. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s been a short week. Three days isn’t really a full week is it. Ho hum.


I’m a bit meh really. How’s things with you?


Don’t ask why, but I stumbled upon the quote (see image) the other day. I was going to pop it on Facebook, but for some reason, the broadband pixies had other ideas.

I will be honest with you and say that many times, I forget the above. I would like not to, but I do.

Should I be a walk over? No, and I don’t think that’s what the saying means. But, I think I should be a little more forgiving (Ed: look out, Brit understatement approaching team) when it’s required.



  1. Meh also. But need to carve out time to get to Chams again – would be great to catch up with you. If only so I can reinforce the 'meh' factor! Or have a giggle, see what comes first…

    There is no me in TEAM, but if you look closely at the way an A is written, there is definitely an I lurking there…

    1. Is it sad that one of my favourite pastimes is subverting that phrase cos I hate it so much? 🙂

      I will make it soon I'm sure. I'll drop you a mail. x

    2. Nothing with with a bit of subversion. Especially if it's HR/management doublespeak.

      Hmmm. Maybe we should run that up the flagpole and see who salutes. 😛

  2. lets see, team, tame, meat, etam, amte, amet, at-me yes there is a me in team. ;o)
    Hope you're OK Lynn. ((hugs))
    Chams this Thursday?

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