“I’m a weirdo,
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here…”

Hello again dear reader,

How’s things in your neck of the woods? Hopefully all is well. I guess it’s time for this week’s sit-rep…. woo, I guess I’ve been reading too much tongue-in-cheek techno-horror, but it sure beats what’s on the television at the mo 😛

Little Miss had another half day taster at school, although this time she hung on to my leg rather than scampering off to join the others. I waited with her for a mo, gave her a cuddle and told her that Mum would be picking her up just after dinner. Luckily, the teacher managed to distract her with talk about the group having a story together, so off I went. One of the other mum’s was in tears and I think I can understand that. It is a bit of a milestone and, to me at least, drives home that she’s growing up. Climb into the car, stiff upper lip and play something incredibly heavy…. or Radio 4 in my case 😉

Talking of growing up, Wee Man had his birthday earlier this month. Wow, nine years old; where has the time gone? Oh yes: eating, sleeping, meetings, dancing about like a big silly mare and queueing…. but not always in that order 😉 So he was happy as the proverbial on the big day. The weather stayed nice, so there was lots of running about and general quality kid stuff. Oh, and cake plus nibbles too. So much for the diet! Still, I think it all went to plan and there were no tears before bedtime – but enough about the adults. 🙂

Aside from family history, things have been okay really. Well, that’s not 100% true. I’m not sure if I’ve been overdoing it of late, but the earlier part of this week, I was feeling out of it and dropping asleep on the sofa pretty much as I came in. I’d like to think (hope?) that the weekend and a lie-in will top up the old batteries and I shall be good to go once more. I suppose that’s one of the good things about CBT, the idea that you don’t panic when you start to feel yourself slip. Yes, I could hear the distant bark said Black Dog (albeit very far away, luckily!). I did see the occasional cloud of Pink Fog, but neither came for an extended stay, mere a temporary presence on the horizon. I guess the thing that kept me going was feeling that maybe it was just tiredness and that Chameleons was just around the corner. In other words: don’t panic, Jones. 😉 So, keeping a level head helped – oh, that and a good book.

Straighten yourself
out, Lynn.

Chameleons was quiet this time around and I think that was due to a lot of folk getting ready for – or in some cases, already gone to, Sparkle over in Manchester. As Saffy had popped up to visit Sophie for their Sparkle visit, both of them dropped in to say hi and have a cup of tea (Ed: so very British!). I had an interesting chat with Helen (TS lady) about the merits and our mutual disregard for the notion of passing. She was saying that so long as she’s treated respectfully, she’s not bothered if people know or not (you already know my stance on this). Helen went on to say that she’s fully accepted for who she is at her local church (bar one odd-ball), but she herself, still feels a bit of an outsider. It’s something I can equate to and again, we talked about if this was more our collective problem rather than society? At what point do we start excluding ourselves when really, most folk don’t seem to give a hoot either way?

As the evening wore on, Sophie, Saffy and I headed off to the pub for a few drinks and, but of course, a bout of karaoke. Sophie and I had a pop at Pure Morning and if I say so myself, I think it went okay. Certainly a lot better than Razorlight’s America which I pretty much slaughtered. Sorry for putting you through that audience! I guess I need to stick to the shouty / rap style ones in future. Still, lessons learned eh?

After a quick boogie to Footloose, it was time to say goodbye and go find a pumpkin patch to turn back into a large orangey spherical thing before heading home. All in all, a very nice way to set me up for the weekend: t-batteries fully recharged and off we go again.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Creep by Radiohead ]


  1. Don't recall having taster days, just going in at the start of term to the big daunting school building and probably wishing I was safe at home watching Play Days. They do seem to make more of an effort to help children make such a big transition easily.

  2. I find it interesting to see how school has changed. Not that I took such an interest as a kid – I think I was happy to get out of there and do my own thing.

    The anti-bullying policies and awareness about different sexualities is getting better. There are those who lament the so-called loss of innocence, and while I agree that today's kids are different to my generation, they are still kids and they are not (thankfully) worldly-wise. There is still an innocence to them, even if they can operate a smartphone with one hand and an eye closed. 🙂

    Oddly, I think one of my first memories is walking to school…. but as I read the other day that most memories are reconstructions of three basic facts, I'm not so sure. Perhaps a trip to Recall would help 🙂

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