“Ahhh, seasons change with the scenery,
Weaving time in a tapestry “

Hello one and all,

Larks, it’s been warm of late. I’ve been out and about – well, dog walking at least – without a coat, hat or scarf for the last few days. It’s making for a very strange January, as typically, it’s rather chilly in this part of the world. Odd, as a few places – of similar latitude? – seem to have many inches of snow. Small mercies eh? 🙂

So what’s been going on? In some ways, not much – which given last week’s incident, is just fine by me! 😀 I’m signed off work while my arm and shoulder recover. I find it a little odd as mentally, there’s not much wrong with me. Stop that laughing at the back! 🙂 Okay, what I mean is…. from a thinking point of view, my brain is mostly working, so I feel a bit like I should be doing something. That said, if I do too much – as I explained to Sophie last night at Chams – I get tired very quickly and my shoulder starts to ache too. Not good, so being signed off looks like it’s a good thing. If I take the pain killers I’ve been given, they do make me drift off to somewhere pleasant… perhaps a little too disconnected as they make me feel like I’ve had two pints. Not sure that’s a good thing. 🙂 So the upshot of it all, is I’m taking it easy and perform that balancing act of not stressing my shoulder, but equally, not leaving it doing nothing either.

Talking of good things, there’s been very little sign of the Black Dog of late – and long may that continue! I think the time off, the regular exercise and even – dare I say it – the fact that we all walked away (well, staggered in my case LOL) from what could have been a very nasty accident, has been helpful in some strange way. With the lack of work pressure, I wonder if I should start to look for another job; one which I’m more interested in and is perhaps more interested in my than my current employer. That reminds me, my line manager was decidedly snippy when I told him about the sick note. Given that the majority of my job is keyboard based – hell, I’m typing this very slowly with just one hand, so going back just isn’t an option until both of my arms work properly. Talk about making you feel valued eh? 😉

A few months ago, I wrote to Frock Magazine – an on-line publication – to see if they were interested in submitted articles. Anyway, I got chatting with the editor over email and my article has now been published. My name in lights! 😀 Joking aside, it’s rather odd to see your name (well, not real name obviously) in print. You can read said item here and my bit is on page 62: Getting Away with It. It’s about – mais, oui, shopping.

I’ve pretty much spent my time reading, taking the dog for walks so I’m out of the house, chasing the insurance process and trying to help the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones with house stuff. Mainly as with the latter, she’s flat out – bless her – ferrying the kids hither and thither as I’m currently without a car. Oh, talking of cars, mine has been written off, bless its little black tires. I must confess that I do get attached to things and I was a little sad to think that we won’t be driving it again. Shame, but it served us well and luckily, took the brunt of the collision, protecting us inside.

Sophie was kind enough to offer me a lift to Chameleons, so I had an evening out with friends. That made for a lovely change from being at home and it was great to catch up with folk. No cross dressing this time around; certainly not when it takes me long enough to get my socks on in the morning. I did have to repeat my injury story a few times, as folk are naturally curious and Chameleons are a caring bunch. It was a busy night and Mrs J had packed me off with a few bags of her old clothes to pass on. She’s really done well with her diet – even with the Christmas temptations – and as we seem to have started the spring clean early this year, there was a lot of hand out. Some went, a lot didn’t, but so it goes. I guess we’ll be doing a charity shop run later this weekend.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkle ]


  1. Hey there, glad that you are on the mend (and that you are trying to do the nothing that you need to recover!)

    Congrats on the article – I have said this before, but will again; I wish I could write half as well as you!

    Bad luck on the car, but as you say at least it did it's job in protecting your family.

    Take it easy, enjoy the walks and I hope the weather stays clement for you!


    1. Stace: Getting there in terms of being on the mend.

      Thanks for the very kind words regarding the writing. That's put a spring in my step. Maybe I should give up on IT and switch to journalism LOL.

  2. A fabulous article Mrs – thank you. I remember the first time trying on in store was a bit scary and the eyebrows of the changing room assistant literally went up in the air, but she quickly recovered and was very pleasant!

    Great advice as ever…

    Glad to hear you are on the mend too!

    Rhi x

  3. Glad yer on mend, there, lassie! 😉

    I had a nasty turn on the A1 a few decades ago; the cop (I worked with his Dad!) shone a light on the resulting mess and said "That was a nice car…" So don't feel too bad. Mind you, I really didn't like that particular motor.


  4. Hi Lynn, sorry to hear about your accident and glad that you're on the mend. Glad too that the little 'uns were unhurt.

    I've been 'away' for a couple of years but am back again . . . in a big way!

    Keep on mending,

    Julia xx

    1. Thanks, Lucy. I feel it may be a one off. At least, for that particular magazine as it's very much a freebie. Sure, I prattle away on here once a week, but for the stuff I work on, a few bob would be nice! 🙂

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