“Right here, right now,
There is no other place I want to be.”

Hi there,

New Year’s Eve and the blank page of new day and year will shortly be upon us…. Well, unless you’re reading this after the event. In which case, err, hello. 🙂 Psst, if you’re a time traveller, any chance of next month’s lottery numbers? 😛

So, Christmas has been and gone in a flurry of shredded paper and sweet wrappers. Honestly, I could be describing the inside of a hamster’s cage, rather than the big day at Jones Towers. Really, all went well and good fun was had by all. The nippers didn’t get up too early – too early being pre-8AM – and despite both being very excited the night before, they did manage a good night’s sleep to set them up for Christmas Day itself.

Presents were enjoyed by all – Wee Man, Little Miss and the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. I’ll spare you the gory details and the looks on their faces made all the traipsing around the shops plus wrapping well worth it. I did well too – a few choccies, a kitchen gadget (not in a bad way) and also a very nice bracelet from Mrs J. No, not a man’s bracelet, but something I was asked – with a sly wink – to open away from the kids. A very nice item and one that brought a smile to my face. Mrs J’s parents turned up later on and by some miracle (Ed: she means Mrs J organising and each of them working together) the Christmas lunch was prepared without a cross word and it all came together nicely.

I’ve really enjoyed having the time off with my family. Sure, there’s been a bit of running around between various in- and out-laws, but in the main, it has gone well and we’re slipping into the last part of the holidays in a very relaxed mood. Sure, it’ll be a shock to go back to work, but I’m trying hard not the think about that. 🙂

One thing I was a little surprised about, was the reductions this year. It seemed that many retailers had decided not to wait until post-Xmas to reduce prices and as such, there were a few bargains to be had if you were quick. I know we did well replacing decorations that had become a bit tired and I was glad I hadn’t bought them a week earlier. All pennies saved eh?

Mind you, I then spent said pennies on-line during a few of the sales. Oops. I’d had a look on a few favoured sites and it was as I hit Very that I could no longer resist – especially as two items where just around that tenner mark. What added to the experience was that Mrs J and I were looking together. Not just man and wife, but looking for each other and – as per last time – sharing our views. I really appreciated her time and patience on this – and yes, I did tell her so. She said herself that she was surprised that talking about buying clothes (for me) no longer bothered her…. which made me feel really happy.

Said items have now arrived and with the svelter figure the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is now sporting, she had modelled the new clothes. Yeah, I can’t wait to try them all on, but you can’t have it all can you? 🙂 Only a few more days until the next Chameleons meeting…. and then an Invasion at the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

Talking of fingers crossed, I felt that we trans folk are slowly slipping into the mainstream media: what with My Transsexual Summer (Channel 4), Chaz Bono on America’s Dancing With the Stars, a CD character in Coronation Street (UK soap opera), etc. Okay, we’ve still got a way to go, but I am hopeful that each time Joe Public sees us on the street, we become a little more visible, a little less ignorable – is that a word? – and ultimately, more acceptable as just another element of society. You can but hope.

I guess that pretty much brings things to a close for 2011 for me. Thanks for reading / commenting and I hope that 2012 is kind to you.

Look after yourselves,

[ Today’s lyric: Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones ]


  1. So happy m'dear to see you and Mrs. J comfortably shopping together. Meself and Mrs. B have arrived at a similar place, and it is a great comfort. Nice to be there. Lovely to have earned the trust, yes?

    Thanks for another year of constance and inspiration. Very much looking forward to a great 2012, and wish you the very best.

    Warmly, Petra

  2. Petra: It is – as you say – a very nice place to be with ones spouse. Long may it continue! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words re: the blogging and here's to 2012.

    Penny: It does feel like it [trans stuff] is taking a looooong time, but it seems as if there's a growing wave that's going to keep going until… until we crash on the sandy shore of indifference. 🙂

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