“I don’t like Mondays”

Hi folks!

Imagine if you will, a large wedge of cheese. The thin end was my mood on Monday and the much wider, fatter, tastier end, Friday. I don’t know why or how my brain thinks in strange analogies, but it does. Luckily, today’s is wude.

So as Sir Bob once crooned about disliking the whole Monday she-bang (Ed: that’s not a dodgy web site, BTW :-P), so to was I feeling less than chipper. I think it may have been a combination of knowing I had a full week of work ahead, feeling a bit miffed with the diet and also the worry that the anti-dog (Black Dog) tablets were not longer cutting the proverbial mustard. Hmm, another food reference. Perhaps there’s a trend to this? 🙂 Anyway, I kept my head down and plodded through the week. Plenty of walking, talking and keeping busy distracted me from darker thoughts and after a while, the mood passed and all was well in downtown Jonesville.

I think what helped is that I did have Chameleons to look forward to. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do find I look forward to looking…. well, if I’m honest, pretty. I don’t mean I will actually be pretty, nor I am fishing for compliments, but I do like to make an effort from a trans point of view. It’s just a case that my bloke wardrobe, despite a liberal dash of vibrant t-shirts and tops; well, it just doesn’t have… the pizazz or glamour I like every now and again.

So, new dress packed ready – oh, and my apologies, in the confusion of last week’s blog I think I posted a piccy of said item in blue. It’s pink. Yeah, I’m a stereotype, so sue me. 😉 Anyhoo! Dress and back-up wrap dress packed along with a batch of multi-coloured tights, I headed off to Chams. In the end, with the hem being where it was and the tights clashing more than helping, it was on with boots and some black opaques. Still, it felt good to be out of bloke clothes and feeling a little more like balanced (despite the heel height). I think I’ve managed to get the hang of a smokey eye look, no doubt just in time for it to fall out of fashion! 😀

The diet? Well, much as I’m missing the tasty treats, the regular exercise is giving me more energy and the new approach to mealtimes is proving to be very tasty. Luckily, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is a rather good cook. Since we started, I’ve managed to shift 10lbs and I could feel the benefit last night.

Once downstairs I caught up with the usual mix of new folk and friends. I did try to circulate a little, social butterfly that I am and the evening did fly by. It wasn’t long before it was time to think about packing away and get the camera out. A few friends headed off into town and while I had said to myself I should think about going, it just didn’t come to pass. How odd is that? Perhaps it was all the concerns from last time, plus the late hour and fact that the car was running of fumes, that it didn’t come to pass. Funny thing was, as I said my goodbyes to those who did drift off, I found myself not feeling down about it, but happy in the night I’d had.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: I don’t like Mondays by the Boom Town Rats ]


  1. Looking smart as ever Lynn. Love, love the boots. Happy to see autumn upon us all.

    I always look forward to your weekly notes. Thanks for your constancy, and congrats on the slimming too!


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